Summer Must Haves: Healthy Snack & Drink Options

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Regardless of what Mother Nature thinks, summer is almost here! That means lots of outdoor fun and the need for healthy on-the-go options for families. During Bronx Week last week, we had the chance to share some of our favorite healthy options with Bronxites who came out to the Borough President’s Health Day event. There were fitness demonstrations, a rock climbing wall, and more!

Here are some of our picks for this summer’s must have healthy options. Be sure to pack a few of these in your tote bags or coolers this summer!




Aquaball Water

These fun waters come with 0 sugar, yummy flavor, and no artificial colors or flavors added. Kids love them because of their fun characters on each bottle, so they’ll be happy to request these over sugary juice options. Throw a couple in your bag or pack in their lunch for summercamp.




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FIJI Water

You’ll have no problem hitting your daily water intake goal with this refreshing water option. Known as Earth’s Finest Water, you can truly taste the difference with FIJI Water, which collects in a natural artesian aquifier in Fiji- making it easy to turn down that cold soda or tea and choose the best drink for you this summer.





POM Wonderful

When you are going to choose a non-water options- make it count. Rather than sugary juice with no added benefit, have an ice cold glass of pomegranate juice- rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Keep an ice cold bottle in your cooler this summer and enjoy.


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Slammers Snacks

For a snack idea- go with this snack pouch option- with 1 full serving of fruits and veggies in each pouch.Available in lots of great flavors, these are the perfect way to ensure your little ones still get the vitamins- even if they don’t want to stop digging in the sand to stop and eat.






Go Raw- Junk Free Food

When the sweet tooth does hit, try some of Go Raw’s certified organic live foods. What does that mean? The ingredients in the healthy snacks are not cooked- they are sprouted then gently dried, which helps lock in and preserve more nutrients. GMO-free, Soy free, gluten free, vegan, and nut free. Keep some in your bag this summer and avoid those junk food purchases while out.





FitBit Charge HR

And to bring it all together, we raffled off the best way to kick off a healthy summer- a FitBit Charge HR. Keep track of daily physical activity and your heart rate. To make it fun, join challenges with friends and see who gets the most steps in each week.




Thanks again to these great brands for allowing us to share them with attendees at the Health Day Bronx Week event! 

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