Checking Out DealSpotr: A Social App for Deal Lovers

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Every time the topic of coupons and savings come up, I remind myself that I want to get better at it. While I am a pretty frugal shopper and love finding good deals, I know that I could be saving even more if I paid a bit more attention to coupons and sales. When ordering online, I usually do a quick search for coupon codes before checking out. At Target I pull my cart aside and scan each item with my Target app to see if there are coupons for anything I have. It’s a very reactive way of couponing and saving, and my goal is to seriously get more proactive and find the deals ahead of time. So when DealSpotr approached me about checking out their social app tool and doing a review, I was excited for the motivation to finally start paying more attention to the latest sales and deals.





We all know those coupon sites that pop up when we search for codes while shopping online. A lot of times they are hit or miss, and many codes have expired. Enter DealSpotr. Rather than just being a stagnant site of new and expired codes, it’s a community of couponers and savvy shoppers who spot deals and share them. Users can redeem the codes, share them, let others know they worked, and even upvote new deals that they predict will become hot.




I know this can easily become like second nature to many deal spotters, but for someone like me who is already overwhelmed with emails and working online, the Amazon gift card incentives are the perfect way to keep me active and engaged. Each time you share a deal, someone upvotes your deal, or you upvote a deal that becomes hot, you earn points towards Amazon gift cards. I’m already halfway to my first giftcard, and I’ve just upvoted a few deals and shared two of my own.


I’m still a new user and learning the ropes, but so far this has become a really great way to organize deals I’m thinking about taking advantage of and earning “good karma” for sharing deals with others. As a blogger I often end up on many mailing lists and spend a a good amount of time sifting through the early morning shopping deal emails. Now I can easily add those deals to DealSpotr and earn a little extra spending money.


So what do I think of DealSpotr?



Will I go on to become the top DealSpotr on the site? I doubt it, but I do think I will remain active and have fun sharing deals and seeing people benefit from them. I also love that deals can only be uploaded once, so once a code or deal is in the community, that’s it. They really want to make sure the information is accurate, but at the same time the process to submit a new deal is pretty simple.


I also love that they have a Pro Bloggers section, where you can explore bloggers who are in the community and check out their sites- since often times we bloggers share great giveaways and the latest in products.

I’m excited to continue to be engaged in the DealSpotr community, so be sure to follow me if you decide to join!


For more information and to join, visit


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