Mother’s Day Entertaining with BJ’s Wholesale Club

This is a sponsored post. As BJ’s Ambassadors, we are excited to bring you new ideas and easy ways to utilize your local club. As always, all opinions expressed are our own.

As April comes to a close, we’re excited for all that May brings: flowers, the countdown to summer, and Mother’s Day! We know all of you will be spending Mother’s Day in different ways- breakfast in bed, dinner with the kids, maybe even a day at the racetrack (that’s where you’ll find us!) Also, the week or so leading up to Mother’s Day is a great time to plan a little something with friends as a Pre-Mother’s Day get together.





To give some close friends a much deserved evening of pampering, we decided to host a little Facials & Wine night. With an Aesthetician’s office that just so happens to be downstairs, we set up a waiting area upstairs with nail polish from Kylie Jenner’s new Sinful Colors collection and makeup for the ladies to try out while they waited. And with the help of BJ’s Wholesale Club, we created a simple but delicious spread that everyone loved.


The Spread:




To keep it simple, we decided on a yummy selection of crackers and cheeses, with two drink choices. Since this was an after work event, we wanted to create something that anyone could throw together in just a few minutes and be ready for guests.




We chose this Town House assortment of crackers: Flip Sides Pretzel Crackers, Pita Sea Salt crackers, and Focaccia Tuscan Cheese crackers. This is by far our favorite assortment because it has the perfect variety of flavors.




You can’t have a cheese and cracker spread without some Antipasti Salad! This mix came with olives, mushrooms, and red peppers.




This Cheese Sampler from Wellsley Farms is the perfect time saver for entertaining. Quickly set out White Muenster, New York Aged Cheddar, Gouda, and Havarti with Dill before your guests arrive.




We also couldn’t resist picking up these logs of fresh mozarella that come pre-sliced!




The only slicing we ended up doing at all was the Genoa Salame. 1-2-3 and our spread was set.








The Drinks:





For the drinks, we went with BJ’s famous Forza Moscato for those who wanted wine, and a ready to drink Margarita Mix from Rancho La Gloria for those who wanted a little something different.





To add in some fruit and pops of color, we used these pre-sliced apples from Motts and some fresh strawberries. Simply throw some slices in a bowl so guests can throw them in their glass of wine, or just munch on with their cheese and crackers.


We created this fun video to show you how easy it is to use the pre-sliced apples:




Happy Mother’s Day




At the end of the night, our guests left happy and feeling pampered. And we didn’t have to do a ton of prep work to make it happen so that we could enjoy ourselves as well. It was awesome to be able to get everything we needed from BJ’s Wholesale Club and set up within minutes. We’d love to know what kinds of easy entertaining or everyday items you use to make life easier, it’s always great to share ideas!


For more information about BJ’s Wholesale Club and even shop some Mother’s Day gift ideas, visit


This is a sponsored post. As BJ’s Ambassadors, we are excited to bring you new ideas and easy ways to utilize your local club. As always, all opinions expressed are our own.







  1. I love BJ’s Wholesale! And I love the Riverdale store where I do not have to pay for parking! OR a toll like I do when I go to the Jersey City store. I have five different stores that I go to regularly depending on where I am, this is the best!


  2. We have a Bjs near us and I have been contemplating joining – it sounds like it would be a great investment. And your Mother’s Day spread looks amazing!


  3. I’ve got to check out this BJ’s already, I live super close to it and haven’t been there yet! I love this idea for mother’s day, I might steal it to do for myself, my mom and my sister. 🙂


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