5 Facebook Groups Every Bronxite Should Know About

bronx fb groups

By now we have all learned of some breaking news or important information via social media. On Facebook, you’ll find groups for everything from parenting to Target clearance finds (wait, those two are pretty much the same thing). In the Bronx, we have a wide range of helpful groups that we want to make sure you know about.

Bronx and Westchester Mom’s Group

If you’re a mom living in the Bronx, you should be in this group. Comprised of moms living in both the Bronx and surrounding Westchester neighborhoods, this group helps fellow moms find everything from new pediatricians to what to do on the weekend.

Food Friends of the Bronx

Created by Bailey Provetto of TastyLadies NY, this group is a great place for foodies to find new eateries in the Bronx, read real reviews, and just talk food!

Welcome 2 The Bronx

There’s both a Facebook page and group for this Bronx blog, founded by lifelong Bronxite Ed Garcia Conde. Learn history, breaking news, and other information about the Bronx.

Bronx Movers and Shakers

Founded and administered by Shannon Lee Gilstad, Bronx Movers and Shakers is a great group to keep up with the latest in the Bronx. From events to resources, join this group to keep up with the Bronx.

Your Local Community Board Facebook Group

Most Community Boards have Facebook groups- the perfect place to see what’s happening locally, ask questions about your neighborhood, and get more involved. Simply search your community board number in the search box and find your group’s page.

And of course…..

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Bronxmama Facebook Page

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