Clean Eating with the Nutri Ninja® with Auto-iQ™and Smooth Boost™ Technology





By: Eric Katechis

Earlier last month I decided to take on a big challenge and lifestyle change. The annual Greek Orthodox fast was coming up and while I’m not exactly staunch when it comes to fasting, I decided it was the perfect time to take on a no-meat challenge. Before I began, I did some research on some possible appliances to not only get me through the fast, but also become a staple in our household food preparation.  Having worked with Ninja before on other reviews for Bronxmama, I decided to try the Nutri Ninja® with Auto-iQand Smooth Boost Technology. Then it began.


First Steps




I was to become a smoothie juicing maniac!

I know juicing is nothing new. We all have those friends on Facebook that are always sharing their latest creation of fruit and veggie goodness. I’m here to tell you something though- this truly does transform your attitude and energy. I feel better than I have in a very long time!


Tip: Add a good chunk of ginger in every shake- here’s some great info on the benefits of ginger:



See it in Action




Smoothie Ingredients:


  • Apple 1 cup
  • Spinach 1 cup
  • Steel Oats 1/2 cup
  • Flax seed 1 table spoon
  • Ginger


Dinner Prep





The Nutri Ninja has in fact become a staple of every part of our cooking life. Besides my daily smoothies and juices, we’ve even used this wonderful machine to make brownies! It’s a jack of all trades!

One thing my wife and I did with the Ninja that stunned us was this: we made…Black. Bean. BURGERS! And the Ninja helped with every single aspect of this meal:








  1. First we threw in a bunch of baby carrots, which the Ninja diced in seconds.
  2. Next step, we threw some onions in there along with main ingredient- the black beans
  3. We then combined the mixture with some hot sauce and egg and formed the patties.


The Result:

I CAN NOT begin to tell you how good this was! It was amazing! And it was super easy thanks to this wonderful machine!


The Clean Up

To make this appliance even better, the clean up is so easy. The 5-cupBlend & Prep Bowl took no time at all to clean up- and that’s after it was filled with messy black beans and chopped carrots! No muss, no fuss- which is extremely important for a busy family running out to work each morning and then coming home each evening to make dinner.



My Take


The Nutri Ninja has helped my fast tremendously, and has become a staple in our daily food prep for the rest of the family as well! Going into the fast, I thought my main stress was going to be preparation and the clean up, but the Nutri Ninja has really made it as easy as possible without spending money each day stopping for an overpriced pre-made smoothie or juice. I’d definitely recommend this model for families so that it becomes a staple in your every day life. For more information about the Nutri Ninja and all of the available versions, visit




We received product to facilitate this post. As always, all opinions are our own.

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