Unboxing the Playmobil City Action Space Shuttle




Check out Briana and Gia’s unboxing of the Playmobil City Action Space Shuttle. The set includes a space shuttle with two astronauts and defensive lasers, as well as functioning lights. See more at www.playmobil.us



More about PLAYMOBIL’s Space Mission theme set:


The highly detailed Space Mission toy set provides kids with the essential tools to explore their imaginations; they can choose to travel to another planet, fight off aliens, or fulfill a space mission from within the shuttle. The Space Mission theme set comes fully equipped with space rocket with launch site, detachable space shuttle, and satellite with asteroid laser; all you need to feel like you’re in space exploring another universe!



Space Rocket with Launch Site— Countdown to liftoff aboard the Space Rocket with Launch Site.  Outfitted with working lights and sounds, this rocket is mission-ready.  Use the movable maintenance platform to help the space technicians inspect the rocket prior to launch.  With the help of the repair robot, they can make sure that everything is in tip-top shape for the next space mission.  Set includes two figures, rocket, launch structure, satellite, repair robot, mechanical tools, computer, and tons of other accessories.  Dimensions including antenna: 8.7 x 11 x 28.3 in (LxWxH).  .  Recommended for ages six and up. Price: $49.99


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Space Shuttle — Rocket to the moon and explore the skies with the Space Shuttle.  This super-cool space explorer includes functioning lights and a space harness so that astronauts can safely explore outside the shuttle.  Don’t let space debris hinder your mission.  Simply use the shuttle’s laser cannon to break up anything blocking your path.  Set includes two astronauts, space shuttle, laser cannon with lasers, and space harness.  Price: $29.99


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Satellite with Asteroid Laser— Quick – a huge asteroid is heading for earth! Save the day with the Satellite with Asteroid Laser.  The satellite can detect surrounding space debris while the laser can destroy this break-apart asteroid.  Set includes astronaut, satellite with lasers, break-apart asteroid, and other fun accessories. Price: $19.99


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