Ikea Minimalism Meets Brazil: The New TILLFÄLLE Collection

Ikea is constantly adding new and fun pieces to their many collections. So as we head into Spring, there’s no better time for Ikea to launch their new TILLFÄLLE collection, which is the first of it’s kind because it is inspired by Brazil!

After visiting Brazil, Ikea designers had the idea to mix the minimalism that we know and love from Ikea, and mix it with the bold patterns and colors of Brazil. Here’s the result:



Lots of bold prints and colors in the textiles, so it’s super easy and affordable to switch out a few pillowcases on your throw pillows to add some touches of Brazil to your home.





If you’re not looking to completely change the look of your home, but want to add some fun entertaining pieces to your collection- the TILLFÄLLE collection has you covered. This fun serving tray is inspired by tambourines! Imagine an outdoor dinner party using this collection- yesss.





In usual Ikea fashion, the collection has lots of affordable pieces with some more investment pieces mixed in.











A new addition we are excited about are these fun tiles! Comes in a set of 9 and can be used to actually tile a part of your home- or we love this look created by one of Ikea’s event stylists, forget a tablecloth when you have these awesome tiles to give your table a new look.


TILLFÄLLE is available next week at Ikea, and is a limited time only collection- so be sure to snatch up the pieces you want before they’re gone!


For more information, visit www.ikea.com

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