Creating Meals with the De’Longhi MultiFry


IMG_20160119_180605203If you remember, a few months back we went to an event to check out the De’Longhi Multifry. As I had mentioned, I really thought it was going to be a great low oil fryer for occasional frying, but had no idea all of the functions it could do. In addition to the low oil frying, this appliance cooks, bakes, and broils. After the event, we were sent a Multi Fry of our own and we’ve been testing it out ever since.

Now let me say- I was excited to try this out on my own at home, but I had no idea how much I would fall in love with this appliance. I have seriously not used my oven since I bought it, aside from when we have baked cookies or larger pizza pies that do not fit. I don’t like to have a ton of appliances because I don’t have counter space at all, and it’s too much work to take things in and out of cabinets or other spaces I’ve dedicated to housing gadgets. But, this has stayed on my counter because I’ve been using it for all of my meals.


what i love

1. Everything cooks beautifully- nice and crispy and faster than the oven.

2. No need to turn on the oven and make the apartment hot- the MultiFry gives off barely any heat at all

3. The stirring device keeps the foods moving during the cooking process- assuring even cooking. (Simply take it out when you don’t need it)

4. Clean up is simple!



Check out a few of the foods I’ve made so far in the MultiFry:


bronxmama stirfry


Chicken Teriyaki Stir-fry: For the stir-fry, I lightly seasoned and added the chicken tenderloins first with a tiny bit of oil and allowed them to brown. I kept the turning paddle on to move around and let all sides cook evenly. I then added a stir fry bag I got at the supermarket with the included sauce, and let the ingredients cook together on low. The end result was delish- and the family loved it.


bronxmama baked chicken


Baked Chicken: From now on, any  baked chicken aside from a whole chicken will be made in the MultiFry! The chicken comes out perfectly with crispy outside and juicy in the middle. While we don’t always eat chicken with the skin on, when we do my girls won’t eat it unless the skin is nice and crispy.


bronxmama sweet potatoes


Roasted Sweet Potatoes: These came out delicious- cooked perfect on the outside and nice and soft on the inside. We’ve also tried out fries and they come out great also.



bronxmama roasted potatoes


Potatoes come out just as amazing in this. Whether it’s for homefries or potato wedges to go with dinner, they come out crispy and fluffy on the inside in the MultiFry.



bronxmama chicken cutlets


I try not to do a lot of breaded dishes, but I wanted to be sure to try one with the MultiFry to see how it does. I decided on some chicken cutlets to go along with some pasta and salad. I seasoned and breaded the chicken, added some oil to the MultiFry, and then set to the highest level 4. This was the most oil I have used in the MultiFry, and it was still just a tiny capsule full- nowhere near the amount I would have used on the stovetop. While the chicken was cooking, the pasta was boiling on the stovetop. The MultiFry pan was so much easier to clean out than a stovetop pan would have been and I simply rinsed out the pot used to boil the pasta.



bronxmama biscuits


At the event we attended with De’Longhi, we watched a cake being baked in the MultiFry. It came out nice and moist- so rather than turn on the oven for a tiny pan of cornbread or one tray of biscuits, we decided to see how they came out in the MultiFry. We were happy with the end result and it was great to be able to avoid turning on a hot oven or waiting for it to preheat.


As you can see, the MultiFry has been a game changer in our home. Speaking of games, we even threw the MultiFry in a tote bag and brought it to our friend’s house one Sunday to bake wings in for the football game. With the stirring device and the chicken cooking on all sides, wings come out so delicious- our friends already want their own MultiFry!

Have any dishes or foods you want to see us try out in the MultiFry? Let us know! We will be sure to try it out and let you know the results. For more information, visit

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