5 Fun Snow Activities



It’s official- the mayor has told us not to go anywhere this weekend due to the impending blizzard, but we know the kids have been patiently waiting for the chance to finally have some fun in the snow. So while Winter Jam may have been cancelled in Central Park, we’re sharing some fun ideas for enjoying the snow right in your own backyard (or front!)-after it’s safe to go outside of course.


Snowball Target Practice


 Photo: Nurture Store

This super cute idea comes from Nurture Store– use chalk or even some colorful tape to draw a target and see who can get the best scores.


Snow Painting


Victoria Blackie/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

This cute idea comes from About.com– using just water, food coloring, and spray bottles, kids can make their own masterpieces in the snow. Paint brushes verses spray bottles also work, but only on the harder snow. We’ve also read that it’s recommended to use old gloves for this.


Build an Igloo


Photo: Babble

If you’re reading this in time and have a chance to stop at your local toy store, or even Target- these cool snow brick makers are available from several brands. If running out to buy one is not an option, try using some Tupperware or other rectangular shaped containers you have in your cabinets. We hear beach buckets and cut milk cartons work great also!


Build a Snow Creature


Photo: Heather Weston (Parent.com)

We like this idea from Parents– switch it up from the traditional snowman and use objects in nature to build other creatures- such as this cute caterpillar idea.

Look for Animal Tracks in the Snow


Photo: Wikipedia

Our Educator Emily at the Bronx Zoo recommended looking for animal tracks in the snow. Even in the Bronx there are all kinds of tracks from wildlife you might find. Take photos and then do some research to find out what kind of animal they’re from.

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