Vote for Bronx School’s App Idea to Assist the Blind in Crossing the Street


From left to right: Rachel Klein (Team Spext Faculty Advisor), William Cline, Kylie Blitzer, Carly Chasen and Eddie Landzberg. All are members of Team Spext and in the 8th Grade at Riverdale Country School in Bronx. NY. Missing from the photo is: CC Katz.

If you remember just a few months ago, we shared information about Verizon’s Innovative App Challenge, where students had the chance to submit ideas for an app that would solve problems within their school or community. This year, a Bronx school was chosen as Best in State for their mobile app that would assist the blind, called Spext. From now until January 31, 2016, anyone can vote to help the team win the Fan Favorite award, which earns them an additional $15,000 and the chance to work with experts from MIT Media Lab to turn their concept into a real, working app. Watch Riverdale Country School’s App Idea Commericial below, and then text CODE / SPEXT2 to 22333 to vote.


Voters will also be able to get their own personalized, “I Voted #VZAppChallenge” emojis, from the EmojiFace School mobile app (available to iPhone users only, free in the App Store). Voters can share these unique, custom icons to encourage others to vote.


Created in partnership with the Technology Student Association, and presented in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab, the Verizon Innovative App Challenge is a no-coding-skills-required national app design competition that encourages students to come up with ideas for mobile apps that could solve a problem in their schools or communities. The App Challenge offers a unique, hands-on learning experience and aims to spark greater student interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), as early as middle school.

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