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With January in full swing, many folks are planning out this year’s family vacations. From winter ski trips to spring break fun, there are lots of trip ideas for families of all sizes. Fellow Bronx blogger Tamara of Simply T Nicole has some great tips for Disney World. Read her advice here, and head over to her site for the rest of her post.


1. Plan Ahead-Become very knowledgeable about the park you decide to attend. Know which rides have the longest lines. One of the websites that is really helpful for Disney travel is


2. Be Realistic-I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old- there is no way you will be able to go on all rides. It is best to spend money on going to the park for more than one day.


3. Use FastPass– Your kids will not like standing on line for hours, so utilize your fast pass+.


4. Bring your own beverages-One thing that we did not know was that you can bring your own beverages in the park and the next time we go we will invest in camelbacks. Everything in the park is every expensive- the great thing is that you can get free water throughout the park.
5. Rent a stroller-A stroller definitely comes in handy because your kids will not like walking around the walk especially if it is hot. It is best to rent from a company I recommend Simple Strollers – Disney World Stroller Rentals, New and Used Stroller Sales. The strollers that are in the parks are plastic, dirty and expensive for just one day!


6. Pick your season-We went to Florida during the peak season but I highly recommend that you go during the off peak season, you will find better deals at staying on the Disney resorts and of course it won’t be as crowded or hot.


7.Hotel Perks-Unless you have a dining Disney plan I suggest not just getting a regular hotel room but getting something with a full kitchen. We went to the supermarket, brought breakfast and even cooked dinner that saved us some money, but it also depends on how much you budget for dining out. We stayed at the lovely Hilton Grand Hotel on International Drive. We loved this hotel because of its proximity to Downtown Disney and DisneyWorld.


See videos, photos, and more advice over on Simpy T Nicole here.


22270fba-b450-4d65-aac2-b043ae86f378Tamara South is the founder of Simply T Nicole, a Christian Lifestyle blog. Tamara is also a network blogger for HypeHair magazine and featured in Ebony and Hypehair magazine.

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