New BJ’s Wholesale Club Location Opens in Riverdale + Grand Opening Fun


Last week Bronxmama had the pleasure of hosting a sneak peek of the new BJ’s Wholesale Club location here in the Bronx to some of our very own Bronx bloggers as well as some of our borough’s neighbors. Throughout the evening, the bloggers were given an aisle by aisle tour and had a chance to find as many organic items in the clubhouse as possible. It was a fun way for the bloggers to get familiar with the new location and what they have to offer- and we are happy to share that information with our readers as well!


The new club, located at 184 West 237th Street is the eighth Metro New York location. As we posted photos to social media, a lot of comments came in from neighbors of the club that they were excited that it was finally opening. The 110,550 square-foot opened this past Saturday, but the fun begins this weekend with some grand opening activities:

Saturday January 16th and Sunday January 17th

  • Food and beverage sampling
  • Balloon artists and face painters
  • Membership and product information

Giving Back

During our tour we had a chance to meet the general manager Dave Shaw, who was excited for the next day’s opening, “BJ’s is excited to open another club in the Bronx to provide area residents with a convenient shopping location that fulfills their needs for great value, quality and selection,”

Dave is also proud of the support BJ’s provides in both their Adopt-A-School program as well as the other organizations in the community it supports. This location has partnered with P.S. X037 to give them a $1,000 donation and $1,500 in school supplies. The club has also selected Bronxworks, Kingsbridge Heights Community Center, and City Harvest to donate funds to. We love that BJ’s has made it a priority to get to know the community and find ways to give back in more ways than just offering great deals.


See For Yourself:

Photos: Nicole Perrino & Sage Studios Photography

Why A Wholesale Club?

City living can be a challenge when it comes to shopping. Many residents rely on public transportation or that trusted push cart to bring groceries and other purchases home, and storage can be tiny or non existent in many of our houses. So although many of us understand the savings to be had at a wholesale club, being able to take advantage can be hard.

We recommend visiting your local BJ’s Wholesale Club and exploring the items that you already buy weekly at your local supermarket, as well as the items that would help save you over a longer period of time. From there, you can decide what items are easy to find space for and worth the savings.

Smaller health and beauty items like deodorant and shampoo can easily be stored in cabinets or storage boxes and will save you big in the long run. Snack items for your children’s lunches or after school munchies add up, and if cabinet space is limited there are other clever storage solutions in your kitchen using baskets, shelving, etc.

And lastly, despite what you might expect- BJ’s also offers a great selection of food items that aren’t sold in bulk, but are still priced better than your local stores. So you don’t need an extra garage freezer or a stock pile in the basement to make room for these items. It’s really about your shopping habits and what makes sense for you.

Membership Information

Inner Circle® and Business Memberships cost $50 a year.

BJ’s recently unveiled its new My BJ’s Perks™ Program that greatly enhances Member benefits. Under this program, BJ’s Perks™ Rewards® Membership is available for $100 a year; enabling Members to earn two percent back on most BJ’s purchases. The BJ’s Perk Elite™ MasterCard® credit card has a $100 membership fee and Members earn 5% back on most purchases in and outside of BJ’s. The BJ’s Perks Plus™ MasterCard credit card has a $50 membership fee and earns Members 3% back on most purchases in and outside BJ’s. Both credit cards also provide:

  • Ten cents off per gallon of BJ’s Gas every day
  • Earnings of 2% back on eating out and non-BJ’s gas purchases
  • Earnings of 1% back on purchases made everywhere else MasterCard is accepted
  • Bonus earnings of up to $50 after first use of the card outside of BJ’s
  • Membership Renewal savings up to $25 annually through BJ’s Easy Renewal program

The Bronx Riverdale Crossing Club is open Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. – 10 p.m. and Sunday, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.


BJ's Logo w tag RGBAgain, we are excited about the new location and happy that we were able to host a fun evening with our fellow bloggers. For more information and to explore some of what the club has to offer, visit and for exclusive content find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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