A Week in the Hyundai Tuscon



If you remember, we had the chance to test drive the 2016 Hyundai Tuscon a while back. It was a fun chance to take the Tuscon for a scenic view over the Palisades and experience the smooth ride for ourselves. And now, recently I had the chance to test drive it for a week with the family to see how the hubby and kids liked it, and how it fit into our family’s lifestyle.




The Tuscon arrived on a brisk Friday morning in Caribbean Blue- such an amazing color. In a sea of white and black cars, it really stands out and turns heads. The Tuscon also comes in Sedona Sunset, Ruby Wine, Chromium Silver, Coliseum Grey, Mojave Sand, Winter White, and Ash Black. Even the more simple colors really pop on this vehicle!



Our family of four fit great into the Tuscon. Our three year old is in her carseat while our 9 year old has plenty of space in between to put the cup holder down and enjoy her space. My husband isn’t a giant, but he likes his leg space and it was still a good amount of room between his seat and our daughter’s legs.

My daughter’s favorite part? The reclining back seats. This comes in handy for those longer car rides or late nights when she falls asleep. While our toddler is always comfortably snoozing away in her carseat, our 9 year old is usually sleeping in whatever way she can find comfortable. With the reclining seats she was able to just lean back and catch some z’s. I can imagine this being one of the favorite features for families.




The Tuscon does not have a third row seating option, which we do enjoy since our family alone takes up most of the seating and we like to be able to bring extra riders with us sometimes. However,  the cargo space is great and offers a 60/40 split option in addition to being able to fold both seats. This is so great for those Home Depot or Ikea runs.

If you remember from our first experience with the Tuscon, we loved the hands free option with the lift gate- simply stand in front of the liftgate for a few seconds with keys in your pocket and it will pop open for you- a feature moms will especially love.






Safety is of course, the utmost priority in any family’s decision making. This is one reason the rearview camera comes standard. Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, Blind Spot Detection and Lane Departure Warning all also add to the important safety features on the Tuscon.








As for technology, the Tuscon is full of great features. Touchscreen display and navigation and rearview camera, the handsfree power smart lift gate as we mentioned above, and the option to connect with BlueLink technology to your devices. The touchscreen navigation comes standard in the Limited model, while the touchscreen audio is standard in all other makes. Bluetooth technology is standard in all models.

The steering wheel’s audio, bluetooth, and cruise control come standard on all models- which is so important to keep drivers away from distractions.

Another feature I liked was that the GPS allowed the passenger to enter new destinations while the vechicle was moving- often times you must be pulled over to enter a new address which can be a pain while traveling.








Many of the exterior features come standard- including fold-away heated power bodycolor side mirrors and front fog lights. The hands free smart liftgate option is only standard on the Sport and Limited editions.


A Closer Look





Available panoramic sunroof



IMG_20151115_123751121Overall my family really enjoyed the 2016 Hyundai Tuscon. With the SE MSRP at $22,700 and the Limited at $29,900, it’s a great option for anyone looking for a new crossover SUV. Also at 26/33 City/Hwy MPG we were pleasantly pleased with the gas costs. With lots of little trips to Westchester County or Jersey from the Bronx, it’s nice to know we won’t spend a fortune on gas and can use the money on more fun with the family.

For more information on the 2016 Hyundai Tuscon, visit www.hyundaiusa.com.



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