Bronx Spotlight: Devin Trey Campbell



So many amazing people are here in the Bronx- from actors to activists. Let’s have fun highlighting them! First up is 7 year old Devin Trey Campbell, who currently stars in Kinky Boots The Musical on Broadway. Check him out!


Name: Devin Trey Campbell

Age: 7

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Favorite subject in the school: Science

Current Show: Kinky Boots The Musical on Broadway

What was the first show you were ever in?

When I was 4 years old I started in community theater. I was Chip in Beauty and the Beast Jr.


How did you first get into performing?


I always like to sing and dance. I like to entertain people. My moms friend found out about a theater program for kids and she took me to the audition. I sang Etta James, At Last for the audition. They casted me as Chip.


What schools do you go to?


Yes, I go to a NYC public school in the Bronx. I train in Manhattan and in the Bronx. I attend Dream Makers Performing Arts for my ballet and Jazz dance training and I have a vocal coach in NYC. I also have trained in ballet at Alvin Ailey and The School of American Ballet.


Who are your role models and major influences?


My mom and my family support me so much. They drive me everywhere from auditions and training and they don’t really complain so I am thankful for them. On this show I had the chance to work with the legend Billy Porter and he is just amazing. I hope that one day I can be as great as him.


What are your tips on balancing school and your passion?


This is kind of hard. I work at the show some nights until 10:30pm and I have to be at school at 8am. My mom makes sure I don’t waste any time 🙂 so I do my homework in my dressing room in between shows and she makes me take lots of naps so I am not tired all the time. I really HATE taking naps but its good for me. School life and show life is really hard but I really want to keep performing so I have to do good in school or else my family wont let me perform so I just do what i have to do.


What are your next steps or goals for the future?


Well my mom always tells me to just focus on my current show so that’s what i try to do. I want to perform my entire life though. When I am finished at Kinky Boots I hope to audition for some more Broadway shows.


A fun fact you want readers to know about you:


One time when I was like 4 the community was having a fundraiser for a special family and I told my mom I wanted to go around the park that day and tell joke to people for $1. I ended up raising about $50 that day…everyone loved my jokes!



Check out Devin and the rest of the Kinky Boot’s cast at Thanks to Devin and his mother Valerie for letting us feature this awesome Bronxite!

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