Holiday Clean Up with NatureZway


We love to host for the holidays. Whether it’s a kid’s Christmas cookie party or festive cocktails, it’s always exciting to get friends and family together for some fun- but it can also be messy! Spills, sticky surfaces…. these are the reasons many people would rather not open their home to guests. But for me, it’s something I enjoy and I’m okay with the clean up. Finding the right products to do so is what helps make it easier. We were recently sent some samples of NatureZway eco-friendly bamboo perforated towels and floor wipes.



I don’t usually buy paper towels because I tend to be wasteful when I do- I am always finding something I want to wipe down or clean up and they just don’t hold up to the amount of times I get them wet or add soap or cleaning products. Well, these bamboo towels can be rinsed 100 times or more- the closest thing to having an actual wash cloth or rag to get the job done.  Rather than using several sheets for just one clean up, I was able to rinse and use the bamboo sheet over and over.


The floor wipes were also great- can be used wet or dry and were super absorbent. I liked to use it dry first to catch any lint or hairs and then rinse off, and use with a floor cleaner. With 100 sheets in the box, it lasted me a lot longer than the usual floor pads and I felt better throwing them out knowing they are made from a renewable resource. With both the towel wipes and floor wipes, I was able to get my kitchen back to normal and ready for the next get together.




NatureZway bamboo products can be found at Target. The prices are a bit more ($6.99 for the towels and $12.99 for the floor wipes), but you’re also getting more out of them than your average products- and they are eco friendly (a huge plus!).  When I’m not using reusable clothes to clean up, these are a great alternative. With everything happening to the environment, it’s great to be able to create less waste and find eco-friendly products that are practical for the everyday family.

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We received samples to facilitate this post, all opinions and thoughts expressed are our own.

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