A Closer Look: Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers

Santa is a tradition for many of us. We remember the excitement of writing our list every year, mailing it off to the North Pole, and trying to stay up late enough to catch the big guy putting presents under the tree. And while we teach our children to always be truthful, we can’t help but give them the same magic our parents gave us. So when the kids start to get older and figure things out, many of us aren’t sure the best way to go about it.


In preparing for all of our holiday fun, we were sent a gift set from the Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers. And while fingers are crossed we can make it through at least one or two more Christmases without introducing it, we are really excited to have it. Without giving away too much in case little eyes stumble on this, this set includes a token, as an induction into the secret society, and field guide. The field guide is broken down into four parts:

First, new “Agents” are inducted into the Secret Society.

Then, they explore their own family traditions and beliefs in the Book of Ancient Secrets.

Agents then go through Agent Training, a series of fun, upbeat activities before finally completing five secret missions.


We love this idea because rather than an abrupt ending to something magical, children are excited to enter a new chapter in their lives and it encourages them not to ruin the magic for others who still believe. This is great for children with younger siblings or with classmates who still believe.

If you think that time is nearing, this might be perfect for your child. The gift set can be found here.



Photos: www.s3hq.com

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