Checking Out the De’Longhi MultiFry

IMG_20151111_180822022_HDRWhen it comes to kitchen appliances and NYC- it’s usually a matter of quality over quantity. Small counter space and barely-there storage really plays a factor in which kitchen must-haves it’s worth making room for in a small city apartment. We recently checked out an event downtown with DeLonghi- where we had the opportunity to check out their MultiFry, a Low-Oil Fryer and Multicooker. Will it pass the Do I Really Need This test?

Don’t let the name fool you, this isn’t just an appliance you’ll take out once in a while to make some homemade french fries. We learned that in this one appliance, you can cook, bake, and broil. In fact, to show us just everything that it can do- the folks from DeLonghi treated us to chili, french fries, baked chicken, and even baked a cake.




We were really impressed with all of the functions of the MultiFry. With no oil, even store bought frozen french fries came out crispy. The chili was delicious- thanks to a piece that steadily stirs the food inside while cooking. Of course for the cake, the piece is removed- and out came a fluffy round red velvet cake for all to enjoy.



The idea of making a meal in this small appliance verses a pot on the stove or in the oven is great. The lid, paddle, and bowl are dishwasher safe and very easy to clean. Also for small apartments that can easily get warm and stuffy from turning on the oven, the MultiFry gives off barely any heat at all.

In addition to the stirring paddle, the MultiFy has the option to heat from either the bottom, the top, or both. This is great for differing recipes. And the appliance comes with a great recipe book full of ideas too.

So did it pass the test? Since the MultiFry has several functions, is easy to clean, doesn’t give off a lot of heat, and shaves time off of many meals- we think so! Learn more about the MultiFry at and we hope to share some more recipes done in the multicooker soon!


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