November 13, 2015

This Weekend at Wave Hill

SAT, NOVEMBER 14    FAMILY ART PROJECT: DANCES WITH LEAVES Toss fall leaves in the wind, or walk through a giant leaf pile. Carefully gather your own collection of varied shapes, textures and sizes of gorgeous fall foliage, then let them inspire you to represent autumn on paper as you create artful, framed hangings of leaf designs and delicate leaf prints. Free, and admission to the grounds is free until noon.

DIY Corner: Shoe Shelves

Living in a small NYC apartment, every bit of storage space counts. We all know that shelving is a great way to utilize empty wall space and store everything from books to toys. In my bedroom I have a small nook where I originally had a dresser. I loved it there, but realized I had a lot of wall space above it that I wasn’t utilizing and probably would have