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For the holidays, we love gift ideas that can be for a particular person- but also things that the whole family can enjoy. Bronxmama’s go-to Daddy Contributor Eric recently had the chance to check out Guitar Hero’s latest debut- Guitar Hero Live. See what he thinks:


12202309_10156200389435158_1907283561_nBy: Eric Katechis


As a father who works full time, it’s hard to find time to play the latest and greatest games. To say this is a compliment is obvious, but Guitar Hero Live is a game so enjoyable that you can come home and press that Bluetooth connection button and have a great time with the family with no guilt! After the second day with this game I looked to my left and saw my 3 year old daughter singing along to Fall out Boy’s “My songs know what you did in the dark.


Guitar Hero Live is the latest greatest iteration of a franchise that was spawned a considerable amount of years ago, but developers over at Freestyle Games have managed to breath fresh air into! The new guitar input system is very intuitive but the real stars of this game are the real crowd reactions and the online aspect of the game- the audience and your bandmates are real now, and this is the first ever playable music video network.


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As a parent you worry about every dollar that goes into enjoying time with your family. Guitar hero Live has ZERO mandatory extra dollars required to fully enjoy the game. No PSPlus Subscription required to go online and compete with gamers like you on your favorite songs like “Are you gonna go my way” by Lenny Kravitz- and the monumental amount of music video genres that play in half hour intervals on their music network.


Did I mention you can sing in this game? Oh yeah! The great thing about Bluetooth is you can link your smart phone to the game and suddenly you’re playing guitar for your lead singer daughter/son! Guitar Hero does a great job at making you feel like you can be a expert at all parts of the game and actively want to include others in your fun! What’s better than singing and strumming along with the family to Katy Perry, Queen or your favorite band? Lately nothing! Great family fun!


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Unlike past Guitar Hero games where you needed to go out and buy new games for new music, there are currently over 200 songs to choose from. The best part is that Guitar Hero Live continues to add to its tracklists, which can be accessed in premium shows. Check out the tracklists here, which is updated as new songs from all kinds of genres are added.


It’s safe to say this is another great addition to the Guitar Hero collection, and a great gift idea for anyone in the family- as long as they are willing to share!


Guitar Hero live retails for $99.99 and is available at all major video game retailers. See more info at


See for yourself:


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