The Care & Keeping of Us: A How to Say it Book

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bookDear moms of girls: We know it’s not easy. Beyond the fun girl stuff, there is a whole lot to tackle in the short time we have to raise them- and by age 7 there are a lot of topics that should be covered. American Girl is often a staple in many girl’s lives, and beyond the adorable dolls and accessories they also help parents connect with their daughters through their series of books- the latest being The Care & Keeping of Us: A How to Say it Book.

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We recently met up with Nicole Feliciano of Momtrends and some other great NYC bloggers at the American Girl store to have an intimate discussion with author Dr. Cara Natterson to speak about the books- which come in a kit complete with a sharing journalThe kit includes three parts: The Care & Keeping of Us: A How-To-Say-It Book for Girls, The Care & Keeping of Us: A How-To-Say-It Book for Moms, and The Care & Keeping of Us: A Book for Girls and Their Moms to Share. So, not only are the books informative for both mother and daughter, but there is a great bonding experience to be had throughout.


The books come with dozens of how to say it scripts for both mom and daughter to get conversations going. Topics include everything from hygiene to healthy habits, to friendships, love, and even clothing. We love that the book comes with a journal for mom and daughter to both share- to write down everything from memories and jokes to questions and to do lists. The books also serve as a great keepsake for mom and daughter to cherish forever.

During our breakfast chat we were reminded that the onset of puberty for girls has shifted from 10 to 8 years old- making it even more imperative that we have conversations with our girls in a timely manner. We want our girls to be prepared and not ashamed or afraid of the changes they will go through. Dr. Natterson also reminded us how important it is for us to put the devices down when talking to our girls- listen when they want to talk and take away distractions on both sides.

IMG_20151021_111714381 (1)While it can be bittersweet to have these conversations and look into the future, it is important that we do. We love that this series of books not only addresses the biggest topics and concerns on both the parent and child- it also contains a way to capture memories and promote bonding time.

Some of us may have been smart enough to listen to our elders when we were younger and not wish to rush to adulthood- but far too many of us also know the desire to be older and how suddenly it happens. Raising girls is a beautiful but also frightening experience, and we are grateful for resources like this kit to make it easier to navigate.

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