No More #DairyEnvy with Lactaid and Birch Coffee


IMG_20151008_094938505Many of us rely on coffee to get us through the day. Whether it’s just one cup of coffee each day or several visits to the office Keurig, most of us can relate to a good coffee meme. For folks with dairy sensitivities, it can feel like they’re missing out on the same flavors and tastes in certain coffee drinks. But, we were recently invited out to Birch Coffee’s Roast House in Long Island City with the LACTAID® brand to see for ourselves that your latte doesn’t have to compromised as part of their No More Dairy Envy campaign.

So why would a coffee roast house pair up with a lactose free brand? According to master roaster and co-founder Paul Schlader, after trying Lactaid for himself he realized it was a great fit for lactose sensitive coffee aficionados as the flavor of his brews remained the same. So, we were excited to have a first look at the soon to open Birch Coffee Roast House, take a fun tour, and do some taste testing.


During the tour we were able to learn about Birch and how they chose their coffee offerings. It was exciting to hear about Paul and his partner’s trips to Central and South America, Kenya, and more. We learned about the hard work the farmers put in to bring us our daily cups of coffee and Birch’s relationships with the farmers they purchase from.






After watching the brewing process, we had a chance for some taste tests- just as roasters do it.





It was then time for Lactaid to make it’s appearance- in a seriously delicious Pumpkin Spiced Latte.




This was honestly the best pumpkin spiced latte most of us had ever tasted. It was definitely not your typical chain coffee house pumpkin spice- and the Lactaid really made sure that there was no more #DairyEnvy. It was a great morning learning about coffee and trying the Lactaid brand for ourselves.

If you have a dairy sensitivity, be sure to try your next cup of coffee with Lactaid- or head to Birch Coffee and enjoy your favorite lactose-free brew there (maybe they will open up in the Bronx one day too!).


IMG_20151008_094636278_HDRMore about Lactaid: LACTAID® Dairy Products are real dairy, just with a natural enzyme added called lactase. Our supplements also contain lactase, which breaks down lactose so you can digest dairy without discomfort.

More about Birch Coffee– With several locations in Manhattan, their Long Island City is their newest location and roast house.



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