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Jetblue prides itself on bringing humanity back to air travel, I for one love the cute commercials with the pigeons! Now, they’re starting the conversation on a larger scale and have produced this hilarious yet thought provoking short film directed by Bianca Giaever and starring comedian Sam Richardson, daring to ask the question – when did we all become so busy? And are we losing our humanity and becoming HumanKinda? BronxMama was on hand for a special screening and reception at the Crosby Hotel, Tuesday evening.  The film follows single mom Jennifer who is also a breast cancer survivor trying to make the most of each day which was keeping her so busy she couldn’t take the time to simply enjoy each day and a young Road Manager/aspiring actor/volunteer Ryan who admitted his phone was going off at least 100 times a day-he was so busy and stressed that he was diagnosed with severe anxiety attacks.

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This film made me laugh and totally hit home as I’m sure it will for many of you. How many of us are guilty of constantly looking at our phones, checking every social media app while our kids are talking to us or while we’re brunching with friends?  How many of us have multiple tabs open on the computer right now? Do you feel the need to check emails and stay connected to work while you’re on vacation? Or do you find yourself saying yes to everything or making plans you secretly hope will be canceled? I have been or still am guilty of all of the above and I know I’m not alone team BronxMama.

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After the screening we got to hear from the panel including Ariana Huffington of Huffington Post who was the moderator, she talked about the sleep deprivation epidemic in America and the moment she collapsed from exhaustion-breaking her cheek bone on her desk, that was the moment she decided she needed to slow down and make changes in her life and her business. At the Huffington Post when a staff member on vacation receives an email, the sender gets a message letting them know that the recipient is on vacation and the email will be deleted so the staff member comes back to no email-GENIOUS! We also got to hear from the Director, 25 year old Bianca Giaever who did a great job of getting the conversation started without sounding too preachy as Ms. Huffington pointed out.

HumanKinda Panel_Arianna Huffington HumanKinda Panel_Arianna Huffington + Bianca Giaever (1)

BronxMama also got the chance to sit down with Jennifer and talk about busyness equating to importance and what she’s taken from being a part of the film.  She’s learned to say no, to continue the breathing exercises she learned, to enjoy each day, especially spending time with her 11 year old daughter, rather than trying to make the most of it by jamming as much as she can.

Wonderful talking with "Test Subject" and fellow mom to a tween Jennifer Kitchin
Wonderful talking with “Test Subject” and fellow mom to a tween -Jennifer Kitchin

Since watching HumanKinda I already feel a little changed and it hasn’t even been a full 48 hours yet. Just last night, on the way home I mapped out my plan for the night – get home, cook dinner, shower, get on laptop and finish projects I didn’t get to earlier in the day because I was so exhausted and a little busy.  Instead, I got home, made self-serve chicken tacos, showered and laid in bed watching Addams Family. As a result, I felt more rested and clear headed this morning so I think there really might be something to this! Let us know what you think and let’s keep the conversation going ! You can leave a comment here or tweet us @BronxMama_com using the hashtag #HumanKinda

You can watch HumanKinda now and take the quiz! I got 60%…


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Special thanks to the ladies of the Mullen Lowe team for making BronxMama feel so welcome and to the awesome staff at The Crosby Hotel for your amazing service.

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