October 23, 2015

Fall Family Trip: UnPlugging at Rocking Horse Ranch

As the temperature drops and the holidays approach us, quality family time is something many of us seek. Whether it’s cozy game nights inside or a fall or winter family trip- this time of year does a great job of reminding us to unplug and enjoy our time together. As part of our Local Getaways series, we had the chance to visit Rocking Horse Ranch with our own little family

Are we #HumanKinda?

  Jetblue prides itself on bringing humanity back to air travel, I for one love the cute commercials with the pigeons! Now, they’re starting the conversation on a larger scale and have produced this hilarious yet thought provoking short film directed by Bianca Giaever and starring comedian Sam Richardson, daring to ask the question – when did we all become so busy? And are we losing our humanity and becoming