Daddy Daughter Time at NY Comic Con 2015

unnamed (5)By Eric Katechis
This past week I had the exciting first time experience to go to New York Comic Con! It’s one of the biggest conventions in the country and boy did it not disappoint! I went there with the mission “How can I Make my daughter a Nerd like me?” A strange mission to be sure but I think everyone wants their kid to share their interests! (just not as transparently as I).

When you enter the first two booths were Nickelodeon and then DC’s New cartoon Superhero Girls! Easy peezy I thought! Right off the bat her eyes drifted there! We got to the Nickelodeon booth and not only met spongebob but also got her and myself Animated! Awesome!

We next hit the DC Comics Superhero girls booth and watched an episode for a few minutes before taking a picture with them. Moving on we hit the Jurassic World Entrance and I warned her of Dinosaurs but she seemed skeptical.
Inside the second entrance was the main hub of crowd with hundreds of booths! We passed through as many as possible till we exhausted ourselves! Legos! Mega Blocks! Lego Marvel Heros! Sailor moon! Even managed to score a pic with the legendary Snoopy!
Five hours into Kids Day at Comic Con we waited for the Momma to come pick us up by the main entrance and as most of the convention goers were doing, we sat near the entrance and my daughter laid on my lap and only piqued up to tell “Look daddy! There’s Ariel! And Princess Belle!” Seemed like a mission accomplished before I even left the Jacob Javits Center.
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