Photographer Wants Mothers to Remember to Exist in Photographs

IMG_20150810_132016897_HDRExist in photographs. This is a message that Bronx photographer Richard Rosario is determined to spread- specifically to women and mothers. Scroll through the photo albums on a mom’s cell phone and you’re likely to find hundreds of photos of her children; the first day of school, swinging at the park, holding hands with daddy… The photos of mom are usually few and far between because she’s the one holding the camera-trying to preserve memories of her family but forgetting to include herself. Richard’s mission is not only to get mom in front of the camera, but he wants her to look and feel amazing when it happens.

Richard’s passion of capturing the beauty of his subjects came after the loss of his brother. When we lose a loved one we seek out memories via stories and photographs- and Richard realized he did not have as many pictures of his beloved brother that he would have liked to. It became his passion to make sure that even amid today’s technology of cell phone pictures and selfie sticks, the classic portraits still remain. Keepsakes that can be passed on to children and grandchildren- and mother’s can be remembered for their true beauty.

IMG_4695I recently had the chance to experience exactly what Richard does. The process is far more than a quick conversation and then a photo shoot. The point is to create a dream session- a day for you to feel amazing and to capture that in the photos that he takes. The initial one on one consultation is where you meet Richard and design your session. He learns what you’re looking for, answers any questions you may have, and gets you ready and comfortable for your upcoming session.

You don’t have to wait until you lose a few pounds, have sun-kissed skin, or buy that one perfect outfit. Your true beauty shines through regardless, so let’s capture it together today.- Richard Rosario

The point is to capture your beauty now. We don’t know what tomorrow might bring- so it’s important to capture today. You don’t need to wait to feel beautiful, this session is designed to do just that- which will empower you and make it easier to reach those goals you may have. Think of this as a recharge, a renewal.

My Session

IMG_20150810_093534619_HDRI arrived early at Richard’s studio and was greeted by my team of make up artists and a hair stylist who were eager to make me look and feel fabulous. Shaina and Kayla from Shaina’s Spa and Makeup and Luis Gonzales, a well known hairstylist who travels to his client’s homes to make them look amazing were up bright and early to get me ready for my shoot.

IMG_4691Richard immediately hung up my outfits and set out the jewelry options I brought and ushered me into the room where the make up and hair would take place.

An entire spread of makeup awaited me as I sat down to let Luis take over my mane. We decided to start with a more sleek and polished look and then allow my hair to steal the show. I have a lot of hair and wear it natural often- so I was excited to capture it both ways.

As I sat in the chair and Luis worked on my locks, we spoke about everything from my kids to stories of his past hairstylist jobs. He’s always traveled and has loyal clients who have been with him for years. He’s worked with everyone from models to moms, so it was exciting to have him be a part of the experience.

Luis was equally excited to make me feel fabulous and that is exactly what he did. It was then time for the make up.

IMG_20150810_094921I climbed up into my make up chair and let the professionals take over. Again, another comfortable process and lots of great conversation. Shaina’s Spa and Makeup is located right here in Pelham Bay, so it was great to see local businesses working together as a team.

I was glammed up just enough so that I looked amazing on camera but I still looked like myself. I have long eyelashes, but we still applied some lashes to make my eyes pop. I wasn’t able to see my hair or make up until both were done, and then brought over to the mirror. What a great way to see the transformation and be surprised! I was still nervous, but everyone made me feel comfortable and ready for the next step. It was then time to head back over to the garment rack and put on the first look.

PhotoGrid_1439246698232I chose mostly black outfits simply because I knew I’d want to choose a neutral look to hang in my room and also because I felt most comfortable- not to mention the photos would look timeless. A black lace dress from Maggy London, dark denim jeans and a black top, another sheer blouse, and a little black dress once I was comfortable enough to actually put it on.


©Richard Rosario Photography - Social Media - _MG_0023At the time Richard had just designed an amazing flower wall so we immediately did some photos in front of it. He started by explaining a lot of the direction and techniques he would be using during our shoot, so I was able to learn pretty fast and adjust accordingly. I let him know my least favorite features and he kept that in mind while giving me new poses to explore- which kept me from feeling self conscious at any point.

He asked if I had done this before, and I let him know just for fun with a friend who was practicing photography and your typical department store family portraits- but that my comfort level just came thanks to him and his team. We laughed a few times when I accidentally made a duck face while pursing my lips, and he allowed me see the shots as they happened- so I could see what I wanted to change or continue to do in the photos.

For our shoot we stayed indoors since we were capturing lots of great shots, but Richard often does outdoors and other rooms too. We went through the outfits and both the sleek hair and large hair- and when we were done we were both excited at the end result. So many beautiful photos to choose from- it was even hard just to pick a photo to take a picture of and share on social media as a sneak peek. He then gave me a time frame of when we could set up the viewing and I’d be able to pick my favorites and decide on a package. And like that, the experience was over and I was ready to enjoy the rest of the day in my full make up and great hair. Richard often recommends extending your special day with plans for a date night- why waste that beautiful hair and makeup?!

The End Result

Richard Rosario Photography: Before & After Images &emdash; Nicole Perrino - Before & After


I feel like I looked as amazing as I felt, and I’m usually too humble to utter those words- but this experience makes you realize it is okay to feel this way, and you should! In fact, it was awesome to hear that after this experience, many of the women began posting more photos of themselves on social media- often a little more glam than before. While there are many women who are able to maintain their glam on a day to day basis, many of us fall into that rut where the hair gets thrown back more often than let loose and no time for makeup. And while we are all beautiful without makeup or styled hair- feeling good just comes natural from looking good-which makes us better moms, wives, and women!

These days cake smashes, family photo shoots in the park, and buying your own Nikon are common and all the craze. But we’ve lost the traditional photos that are passed down to family. Everything is digital and on Facebook or Instagram, printed on photo paper or through affordable online services. These are great, but I encourage you to invest in some real portraits that will last beyond a lifetime. When you’re ready, schedule a consultation with Richard and let the experience begin!


Richard Rosario,

Shaina’s Spa and Makeup,

Luis Hair,, (917)754-6766

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