Checking Out New Menu Items at Chuck E. Cheese’s



As the weather gets colder and we search for more indoor activities, one place that kids love to go is Chuck E. Cheese’s. And as much as the kids love it there, it isn’t exactly the biggest thrill for parents. But if you’ve been following us on social media you’ll remember over the summer we had a chance to check out the new menu items available- and we recently stopped in to try the new Thin and Crispy Pepperoni pizza- giving parents something to enjoy while the kids run around trying to win as many tickets as possible.


IMG_20150721_142821680We were very happy to hear about the new menu items and other changes that Chuck E.  Cheese’s is making to appeal more to parents and caregivers-after all it is the adults who spend most of the time at the tables, so they now have something to look forward to. In addition to the new food options, there is also free WiFi available and our nearby location on Gun Hill Road let us know they will soon have TVs which they plan to play sports on- so now dad can get his wing and football fix while the kids play (can mom possibly sneak off to the mall for some shopping!?).

We’re not sure if you realized- but the pizza at Chuck E. Cheese’s is made fresh daily, in house and are made fresh- never frozen. The dough is actually made right in the store- with the exception of their gluten free dough which is specially packaged to ensure the safety of those with gluten allergies. The mozzarella is grated fresh in the kitchen, and veggies are locally sourced and hand chopped each day. This is probably a surprise to most people who assume the food is more of an afterthought at a place dedicated to games and prizes- but Chuck E. Cheese’s is really a pizzeria, and there’s some pretty good food to enjoy while you’re there.

We tried out some of the new foods with a few of our blogger friends and we all agreed it was yummy! Check out some of the new food options you can look forward to:

So next time the kids ask to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s, make sure you try some of the new menu items and let us know what you think! Visit to see more food options, download coupons, and more.

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