Halloween Decor from Oriental Trading + Costumes!

IMG_20151004_171826009_HDRFall is such a fun time of the year. Apple and pumpkin picking, corn mazes, and Halloween! Each year we usually host some kind of Halloween event- whether it’s a fun playdate for the kids or an adult costume party. So, we like to decorate the house with some spooky decor that we’ve collected over the years.

We usually put some decorations to have up for the month of October and then really go all out for the actual playdates or parties. Lots of spiderwebs added and other scary props to really make it stand out.

As you’ve seen us share before (here and here!), Oriental Trading has some great decorations that you can keep to reuse over the years. Just buy new webbing each year, and you’re ready to host a spooky dinner, scary movie night, and more. Check out what we chose this year:


In place of our usual burlap wreath, we opted for this Black Spider Wreath. Super creepy and hideous, it’s the perfect conversation piece when guests walk in- as long as we can stand seeing it ourselves!


There are lots of signs and other decor you can find to hang up in your home, but we love to find things that don’t look like party decorations and look more like actual decor you’d find in a spooky home. So when we spotted this Happy Haunting sign, we thought it would be perfect! It’s an actual wood frame with glass, and can be used year after year. Great to place on a mantle, coffee table, or anywhere else in your home.


This silver barbwire is great because you can reuse and do so many things with it. Close off an area of the house you don’t want guests to go into, hang over the top of a doorway, or wrap around an object- like we did around this carafe. Guests will think twice about refilling that orange juice- or mimosa!


This one’s for the adults. We loved this Shot in the Arm shot glass holder– which houses 5 plastic shot glasses in a skeleton arm. Paired with the skeleton hand glasses we used last year, you’ve got an Instagram worthy party for sure.

Look below and you’ll also see we used some creepy cloth- similar to ones you see here.





A lot of people don’t realize that Oriental Trading also has a great selection of costumes. Since Gia’s love for dinosaurs is still going strong, we chose this fun Green T-Rex Dinosaur costume. We like warm costumes since it is usually pretty chilly on Halloween, and with layers underneath there’s no need for a jacket over this fun costume.


What do you usually do for Halloween or fall? We hope this gives you some ideas for your own fun! Be sure to check out orientaltrading.com for tons of more ideas.



We were given items to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions expressed are our own.

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