Review: Create Your Own Budsies!

A custom Budsies!
A custom Budsies!

Do you need an idea for a unique, one of a kind gift that your child will love? One they created themselves? Your child can put their idea on paper and it will come to life in a soft, colorful plush shipped straight to them. This cool gift comes from Budsies!

My son created his very own Budsies together with my sister and they came up with an old-fashioned superhero named Soundwave. They had fun creating his features and shared some quality time laughing. When completed, we texted a photo of the drawing to the Budsies number found on their website, they then sent us a confirmation and kept us updated on the processing. After 6 weeks, my son received his custom toy. He was so excited, and I was surprised at how closely it resembles his drawing. When my sister saw it, she wanted to order another for herself! Super hero Soundwave is a very special addition to my son’s hero collection.

Budsies offers two other options called Selfies and Petsies where you send a photo of a person or your favorite pet and they create a plush version.

Budsies makes the ordering process pretty simple, I did it from my phone. They are taking orders now for the holidays, but don’t wait much longer, the slots for custom orders before Christmas are limited. Get yours while you can!


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