Briana’s Reviews: Checking out the WubbleX Ball

*This is a sponsored post. As always, all opinions are our own.

IMG_20150928_182350297If you haven’t already seen the WubbleX Ball, it’s an anti gravity ball that looks like a bubble but plays like a ball. We were asked to check it out and see what we thought, so who better to give their opinion than Briana?

Quick History

A father of four children came up with the idea after one of his kids said they’d love to be able to play with bubbles that don’t pop. And like any dad in the toy business would do, he made it happen!

The Process

We started out making a smaller one to play with in the house, but have another one we are going to take to the park this weekend. Check out the process of blowing up the ball and the end result:

What Briana Thought:

It was pretty cool! Definitely like a bubble that doesn’t pop. At first we put too much air and it went pretty high, but then it was easy to play with and pass around. My little sister liked it too. Can’t wait to try out the Glo-Wubble next!

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