A Journey to Travesias with the Bronx Bloggers

IMG_20150914_191958390In English, Travesias translates to passages. This is the perfect name for this new Latin Fusion restaurant located in the Throggs Neck section of the Bronx, which features flavors from all over the world. Bronxmama was invited out along with the Bronx Bloggers to embark on this journey for our tastebuds and lets just say this is a must have stamp on your Bronx restaurant passport.


First Impressions

IMG_20150914_212031543_HDRUpon entering, you’ll notice the travel theme of the venue. The bike in the logo represents this concept, with world clocks hanging and photos of the countries featured on the menu. Even a visit to the bathroom reminds you of this theme, with luggage piled high for the sink base. If you look closely, you’ll notice even the small stage is designed to look like a suitcase, and the constantly changing lighting assists in your feeling of traveling to different places.

Drinks and Starters

Since we were a group, we went for the a carafe of Sangria which was delish. Then the fun began with the appetizers:



Arancini ala Hispanola

These were rice spheres stuffed with sweet plantain, queso de hoja & longaniza with an avocado dipping sauce.  This was delish! And the presentation was fun also.


Pina Colada Shrimp Skewer

Mexican tiger shrimp marinated with Dominican rum and spices, coated in panko and coconut flakes, served with a pineapple rum and coconut glaze. So so good! This was coconut shrimp heaven. The glaze will make it hard to ever eat simple coconut shrimp again.


Golden Crab

Crispy golden wonton stuffed with crab, cream cheese & scallions, with a sweet and sour guava dipping sauce. I don’t think I’ve ever ordered crab rangoon before, it has just never appealed to me. But I’m sure now that I’ve tried these, I will never be able to order them anyway because they won’t be THESE. It was yummy.


To’ Chimi Sliders

This is the slider version of the Dominican style burgers called “chimichurri” made of both seasoned ground beef and pork, cabbage slaw, and their Travesias special sauce with tostones as a bun. So, basically a chimi and a patacon had a baby. The end. Amaaaazing.


French Avocado

Panko breaded avocado served with curry aioli. I’m already a sucker for yuca fries, so I was excited to try these! They were awesome, and the curry aioli gave it this extra kick. Definitely ordering these again.


Moroccan Spiced Chicken Kabob

This is savory chicken breast marinated in Moroccan spices, grilled and serviced with a greek tzatziki fused with Jamaican herbs. You’ve basically traveled to three countries just with these simple but flavorful chicken kabobs. Consider these a 101 course for that friend you bring who’s scared to try anything to prove how amazing these fusion flavors can be.

And the Main Course


Yeah, I know- I don’t know how we made room for this either. But, we took one look and our bellies suddenly found space. This is new on their menu-  Chaufan Peruvian Fried Rice. The thing I loved most about this- it felt like a home cooked meal. No fried rice regrets after this dish. Sooo good.

The Desserts


Don’t worry, we shared! This Nuvo Latino Cafe Con Leche Crem Brulee was amazing!


So, the fact that the chef wrote Bronx Bloggers in Nutella was just one of the awesome things about this dessert! NY Cheesecake topped with platano maduro (sweet plantain). Yes, we’re serious! Yum!


I’m not usually a fan of bread pudding, but again Travesias managed to fuse the right flavors together to make this a dessert I’d order again. All three desserts were delicious, and there’s a few others I have to go back to try.

IMG_20150914_212254776While you’re not traveling the world inside Travesias, there’s also a pit stop, La Parada, where you can order take out. Even those who don’t  have time to sit in and dine can still be a part of the journey that is Travesias.

Next time you’re in the area, be sure to stop by. And even if you’re not- take a trip to Throggs Neck so you can travel around the world, well at least your taste buds can.

Be sure to follow @Travesias_nyc on Instagram and visit them on Facebook. Let them know we sent you!

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