Finishing Out the Summer at Aquatopia

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By Martha Katechis

Is Summer Really Over…?

Not when you are a short drive from Camelback Lodge, Aquatopia! My family and I recently had the pleasure of a one night stay at Aquatopia, and our three year old still tells us she wants to play on a the water slides each and every night before tucking her into bed. She must be having underwater sweet-dreams. We really hope she’s a secret mermaid.

This resort has everything to offer, family friendly restaurants, spa, zip-lining and WATER!! Tons and tons of WATER! Aquatopia is the largest east coast water park, all indoors. So no need to rush and get everything in these last few days of summer. Don’t be fooled this awesome place is not just for the kids. My husband and I had to double dare each other to ride the slides. While I’m more of a gazer, I enjoyed most, the 360 view of the kid’s section, where I could lounge and watch on as my daughter made new friends.

Wait until you see how Aquatopia, really lights up at night! The park is open until 10pm, where lights glow and the more adult sections are open; swim up bar and hot tubs.  So don’t be ashamed to leave the kids home one weekend and feel like a teenager during the day, but pull out your grownup card after eight.

Of course the outdoor waterpark, Camelbeach, is also still open until early September so you can get some sun on your trip to Camelback if you’re planning to go soon. Now with both the outdoor and indoor waterparks, Camelback will truly become one of your annual summer trips with the family- no matter what time of year you decide to go.


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