Top Picks for Back to School

IMG_20150826_115540216_HDRWe will be featuring a lot of great back to school trends and products, but today we had a chance to share our faves with News 12. Check them out!

You can watch the feature here:



Portable Desk from Staples: Designed by students, this portable desk if perfect for students this upcoming school year. Complete with space for notebooks, pens and pencils and even a slot for headphone wires. Homework and studying is now easier than ever, wherever you are.


Choozepack from Chooze: These fun reversible bookbags easily flip around to show off a cool design on either side of thebookbag. Kids can have fun changing them around to match their outfits and parents will love that it’s two for the price of one.


Ponchos from Olive Kids: You can’t trust the weather in New York. It starts out pouring and then the sun comes out, or it calls for rain and never happens. With these adorable ponchos, little ones can keep one with them at all times and be prepared without lugging around raincoats or umbrellas. They zip right into themselves to make it super easy.

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Blue Sky Planners: Available at Target, these fun designs and colors will make anyone want to get organized. Perfect for high school students to prepare them for college, planners are are a great way to keep track of schedules and homework.

We will share the link for the News 12 feature once it’s up! What are your favorite back to school trends for this year?



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