See For Yourself: The GB Qbit “Go Anywhere” Stroller

qbitLiving in NYC with children can both the most amazing experience in the world combined with the most challenging- especially for those who rely on public transportation for getting around. There are so many amazing places to see and visit, but sometimes the mission to get there makes you think twice about venturing out. As always, we love to find products and services that can help make life easier for our readers- and finding lightweight and travel friendly strollers is definitely on the list. So, when we discovered the GB Qbit stroller at the NY Baby Show, we knew we wanted to share.

What We Love

The Qbit is compact but still reclines, has a full sized seat, and has decent storage underneath. The canopy also fully expands. The best part? A one handed fold and a carrying case to boot. Check it out:


How easy is that!?

And unlike many other easy to use on the go strollers, the Qbit still functions as a travel system- so you can attach an infant carseat to it. The INCLUDED adapters are compatible with the GB Asana35, Maxi Cosi Mico and Cybex Aton.

Asana_Fashion_FusionGB Asana

FirmFit System consists of three features that help ensure a secure fit every time:

1) FirmFit Arm tightly secures the base to the car, with less effort

2) FirmFit Harness offers a no-fuss fit, by pulling a strap to ensure peoper harness position, even as the baby grows, and offers constant side impact protection

3) FirmFit Load Leg helps protect the baby’s head, neck and spine, by preventing the seat from moving forward in a crash

We also love that the Ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry in the crook of your arm!

unnamed (14)Final Thoughts

This is the perfect stroller for Bronx and NYC commuters with little ones or for those who want something to fit easily in their trunk without taking up loads of space. While in its carrying case it also fits in most overhead compartments- making it great for travel.

For more information, check out, or visit them on Facebook and Twitter.

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