Sneak Peek at Amazon Original Series Wishenpoof


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Looking for a new series for the little ones to watch? Angela Santomero (of “Blue’s Clues” and “Super Why!” has now brought us Wishenpoof, a new Amazon Original animated preschool series about a girl named Bianca who solves issues both with and without her magic. Available on August 14th to all Amazon Prime members, Wishenpoof teaches young ones about the power to make choices. We had a chance to sneak peek the season before it’s available with Briana (age 9) and Gia (age 3)  and we thought it would be fun to let Briana give us her own thoughts on what she thought of this new Amazon Prime show for her little sister.

I think that Wishenpoof is wonderful for many reasons. For example the show, it is very interesting for adults, kids, infants, and toddlers. Every episode shows a new wonderful lesson. I love the first episode where Bianca helps friends at school be able to help friends do talent for the talent show. The show shows a lot of friendship. My favorite part was when Bianca and Bob the teddy bear were mermaids and when Bob sang about glitter. It was so was funny. Overall I think the show is a good influence on all kids and a great show for my little sister. –Briana Geronimo

With a 6 year difference between Briana and Gia, there are definitely some times when we need to remind Briana of her sister’s age or think about how she must have felt when she was her age. Rather than always just step in and referee, it’s important for them to learn to work out their daily differences and enjoy their relationship. The skills this show aims to teach are important far past the age of a preschooler.

1-WSPF-101-EPISODIC_STILL_1The show really is very cute, with some fun magic on top of real life lessons for preschoolers to relate to. The show incorporates the “Seven Essential Life Skills” framework ( from the Families and Work Institute), which focuses on skills like focus and self-control, perspective communicating, creativity, critical thinking, taking on challenge, and self-directed engaged learning. With all of these different shows on TV now that can seem to give kids the wrong ideas or attitudes, it is refreshing to see another great show to teach little ones lessons to help them with their upcoming years of friendships and school.

The 3D like animation is also pretty cool, keeping the little ones focused in and entertained. Bianca’s dad is actually voiced by 90210’s Jason Priestley, and his daughter Ava even provides the voice for character Laurel.

While lots of great lessons are to be learned, the show is stuff very fun, and funny, for little ones. We can’t wait for more, and to hear what everything thinks of the new series! To learn more about the series and to watch once the episodes are launched, visit


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