Getting #FijiFit with Momtrends and Peloton!

bxmama fijifit signOver the last year or so I’ve been trying to make healthier choices and I’m always looking for new and fun ways to stay active so when MomTrends invited BronxMama and some other awesome mom bloggers to join them for a 30 minute cycling class at Peloton to unveil Fiji Waters new look, I thought “what the heck!” and jumped at the opportunity.

I geared up in my underutilized work out clothes, dropped my kid off at camp and headed to Peloton studio in Chelsea. I was so excited until I got there and got my special cycling shoes–that’s when ish got real. Thankfully I wasn’t alone in that feeling.

bxmama Dalilah on bikeI got my shoes on, checked out the bikes on display and scoped out the BEAUTIFUL facility before sitting down for some work out tips from MomTrends own Nicole Feliciano and of course the unveiling of the new slim bottles by Fiji Water. I’ve always enjoyed Fiji, there’s just something about it that makes me feel fancy! *pinkys up* But I have to admit that the shorter, square shaped bottles are a bit awkward at times–they don’t really fit in cup holders at the gym or in the car. Problem solved! These new, tall, slim 700 ml bottles with the beautiful hibiscus flower on the front fit everywhere and I was SUPER grateful to already have one in the holder of my bike at Peloton to keep me nice and hydrated because in those short 30 minutes our instructor Cody Rigsby had us sweating so much that we definitely needed to replenish those electrolytes.

bxmama water on bikeSpeaking of electrolytes–not only is Fiji Water delicious it also has more natural electrolytes than some other brands! The class was definitely a challenge for someone like me who really never exercises but I did my best and still enjoyed it. I love that the lights are turned down and the music is great, I felt more like I was at a sexy lounge instead of cycling class which kept me going and having an instructor as encouraging as Cody helped too–he pushed us to keep going and make that time count, to do it for ourselves and you know what? We made it!!! It was actually amazing and I think I can definitely do another 30 minute class which Peloton has at 1:30pm on Fridays. Shout out to the awesome staff at Peloton for helping me adjust my seat and clip into the peddles!

After some yummy oatmeal and fruit during brunch and of course some delicious Fiji water, great conversation with fellow mom bloggers and peloton staff, I was sent on my way with a cute Fiji gym bag, snacks and of course several bottles of Fiji Water which my family and I have loved having in our fridge for on the go in these dog days of summer. We cannot wait to start receiving our 2 month delivery service and we’re even more excited to give away a 2 month delivery to a lucky Bronx Mama reader!


TO ENTER: Want to win a 2 month delivery of Fiji Water? Leave a comment letting us know what are some lifestyle changes you’ve made recently- or have been sticking to. As part of the Bronx’s #not62 campaign, we are excited to continue to share great giveaways and features that focus on a healthier lifestyle, and join everyone here in the Bronx on the journey to a healthier borough! Random winner will be selected.


bxmama Nicole FelicianoCheck out these fitness tips by Momtrends Nicole Feliciano!

*Build in 2-3 fitness appointments things into your calendar

*Buy a fitness band

*Influence kids to pay attention to fitness-go for family walks

*Have a fitness buddy – encourage each other on social media using fun hashtags like #NoBloggerButt and #Getoffthecouch

For more info, check out and




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  1. I’ve started keeping track of my diet through my fitbit food tracker. It’s really opened my eyes to calories I’m taking in.


    1. Great job! Fit its look great. I myself use the my fitness pal app and it’s quite eye opening.


  2. I have been making an effort to bring lunch to work as well as going to the track either before or after work to get a few miles in. My fitbit helps me keep track of my steps 12,000 is my goal.


    1. I’m so bad at packing lunch! Keep up the great work, it pays off.


  3. I have a newborn so exercise has been tough to fit into my schedule but we have been taking walks every day to get in a little cardio and I also recently discovered a farmers market in my neighborhood every Friday so we’ve been getting fresh fruits and veggies.


    1. Walks are great! Little by little. Love farmers markets!


  4. I have started drinking more water and moving more by walking after taking the kids to school

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com


  5. I’ve stopped drinking soda, make sure all our meals have one or more vegetables and I joined a FB accountability fitness group!


    1. Cutting soda is a great start! We love seltzer at home. Keep up the good work!


  6. I changed my family’s diet to organics and non-gmo, drinking water and fresh juice…no more soda or bottle juice at home.


  7. Trying to stay fit has been challenging for me due to some personal situation in my life. But I have been a bit more conscious of what I am eating. Being an emotional eater I’ve been trying my best to stay away from comfort foods. It’s been a struggle but keeping a food journal has helped me greatly. Seeing what I’m ingesting and the calories keeps on track.


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