The Beauty-Health Connection

unnamedMoms are often reminded to take time out for themselves whenever they can. A salon visit, a quick mani/pedi- anything to feel good and have a little me time. And like clockwork, you walk out of the salon feeling refreshed and ready to take on those mom duties like a champ. And it’s not just in your head- a study done with CVS and Dr. Vivian Diller found that, “rather than being viewed as “little indulgences” or “guilty pleasures,” the time devoted to personal care is essential to overall wellbeing.”

Check out the key findings:

• The psychological experience of confidence-boosting beauty leads to what is called “subjective wellbeing,” which has been shown to have significant short and long -term health benefits. These include improvement in eating, sleeping, self -care, grooming and immunity.

• Women with positive subjective wellbeing are more likely to look after themselves, resulting in a positive thought/action cycle.

• Enhanced emotional wellbeing positively influences physical health and longevity. A combination of physical and emotional health (and the lower levels of stress that go hand-in-hand with that) contributes to our overall sense of wellbeing and may increase longevity.

• Women who make personal care a priority and who incorporate relaxation into their beauty routines feel and look healthier. Relaxation improves oxygen consumption, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and our sense of wellbeing, while reducing production of the stress hormone cortisol, further impacting cardiovascular function. The relaxation response has also been shown to influence the body on the cellular level, activating what scientists call “disease-fighting” genes.

• Emotions stimulated by beauty have been shown to activate dopamine, serotonin and epinephrine, much the way love, laughter and joy do, leading to a positive sense of wellbeing.

So, with that being said- knowing this information doesn’t mean we have the money to shell out for weekly salon visits or expensive beauty products. Fortunately CVS carries an awesome array of beauty products at affordable prices to be able to keep up with your beauty routine without breaking the bank. We’ve gone ahead and highlighted some of the products that CVS showcased at a recent event where they shared this study. So go ahead, set some time tonight to pamper yourself and sleep well tonight.

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