Jonathan Scott of Property Brothers Talks Mr. Clean, Renos, and the Bronx

IMG_20150728_143843051If you check Jonathan Scott’s toolbox, you’re likely to find a range of tools for his home improvement projects. But one thing you’ll also find? A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. We joined Jonathan, along with special guest Ashley Greene last week for a #15minreno event, giving us tips on tackling projects in your new home, or apartment.

Throughout the years, Jonathan has spoken about how much he recommend using the Magic Eraser, so this was a great fit for Mr. Clean and we are happy to share some of the tips we learned:


IMG_20150728_150307867There are so many uses for the Magic Eraser, and Jonathan says he always tries it first before resulting to other remedies. Those height charts that parents left behind in your new home? Magic Eraser gets them right out. That white retro chair you almost regret buying? The Magic Eraser can have it looking brand new. And now with the Mr. Clean concentration cleaner, there are lots of great uses for that as well, including getting rid of spills and messes out of your refrigerator.

IMG_20150728_155831Property Brothers in the Bronx

If you didn’t already know, Property Brothers has been filming in the area, including some areas of the Bronx. When we asked what Jonathan thought of the houses in the Bronx, he told us,

“It’s been great. We’ve done two properties in the Bronx and making our way up to Westchester and Connecticut. The properties have a smaller footprint, smaller square footage- so it means you just have to find more creative solutions for storage, multi-purpose spaces and they also still have lots of character even though it’s a smaller footprint. You’ll see when those episodes start airing in the Fall, they’re killer. The families have been insanely amazing, it’s  been a really good season.”



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    I’d like to say I’m thankful for you and all of the info That you continue to give us for the Bronx
    I’ve kept my recently turned 6 year old busy this year so far ! ?
    I’m actually a house wife my husband is a special Ed teacher and former marine here in the neon we just purchased a home 3 years ago in country club and would love to hire the property brothers how do we contact them directly
    Please help God bless and thx a bunch your family site and info is appreciated !


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