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IMG_20150705_141552992 (1)Summer is our favorite time of year. We are beach bums, and usually spend most of the summer exploring local beaches, pools, and finding the perfect sprinkler parks around the Bronx and NYC. But, with fun in the water also comes water safety. We had a chance to check out the child and infant life vests from Rave Sports to go along with our mission to gather some of the best water safety information to keep you and your little ones protected this summer.


To begin, here is a list of 10 Water Safety Tips from NYC Parks to keep in mind for this summer:


New York City is surrounded by 520 miles of water. We want you to stay safe near and in the water, and also to have fun! Here are our ten favorite tips to help you enjoy our city’s waterfront.

1) Lifeguards Keep Us Safe

Lifeguards are there for your protection, so only swim where lifeguards are present, follow directions, and always swim with a buddy, friend, or parent.

2) Learn to Swim

It’s never too early—or too late—to learn to swim! Learn about free and low-cost swim lessons by visiting our Learn to Swim page.

3) Never Leave Children Unattended

Teach children the importance of water safety and stay within arm’s reach while swimming. Never leave children unattended near water, even when lifeguards are present.

4) Obey All Posted Signs and Flags

Read all signs and follow the directions of lifeguards. Swimming is only permitted in designated areas and never allowed when a red flag is posted at the beach.

5) Watch for Dangerous Waves and Rip Currents

If you are caught in a rip current, do not panic. Stay calm and swim parallel to the shore. Once away from the current, return to the beach.

6) Stay Alert and Aware of Your Surroundings

Be careful not to swim tired, cold, or far from safety,and never use alcohol while swimming, boating, or supervising children near water.

7) Wear a Life Jacket when Boating

Even expert swimmers should wear a life jacket while boating. Never use air-filled or foam beach toys instead of a life jacket.

8) Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks

Never go wading unless swimming is permitted and be cautious of deep water. The first time you enter the water, ease in or walk in — do not jump or dive.

9) Be Safe in the Sun

When at the beach, pool, or park this summer, wear sun screen, drink plenty of fluids, and wear light and loose-fitting clothing to stay cool.

10) Know Before You Go

Check weather conditions and get real-time beach opening and water quality information by visiting the Health Department’s Beaches  page.


11737961_10152865585986990_2811703228424261685_nJust as NYC Parks mentions, it is never too early, or late, to learn to swim! Pope Jackson, who spends much of his time canoeing the Bronx River with the Bronx River Alliance has a son, and future boater, on the way. Although it will be a bit before baby Seth can row a canoe himself, but this Rave Infant life vest is perfect for when mommy and baby decide to join in on a row down the river. The Infant Neoprene Life Vest features zip closure with 2 belts and 2 leg loop straps, drainage mesh, type III PFD, USCG approved, and fits infants less than 30 lbs.

The American Red Cross also offers up some great water safety tips for you and your family:

  • Have young children or inexperienced swimmers wear U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets in and the around water. No one should use any other type of flotation device unless they are able to swim.
  • Don’t dive headfirst—protect your neck. Check for depth and obstructions before diving, and go in feet first the first time.
  • Pay especially close attention to children and elderly persons when at the beach. Even in shallow water, wave action can cause a loss of footing.
  • Keep a lookout for aquatic life. Water plants and animals may be dangerous. Avoid patches of plants. Leave animals alone.

IMG_20150705_140954810Rave Sport’s life vests are USCG approved, comfortable, and the kids designs are also very cute- easy to spot among a sea of plain colored life vests. Pictured here is Gia playing it safe on the beach in her Child Neoprene Life Vest. This vest provides comfort and safety for young water sports enthusiasts. Features zip closure with 2 belts and 2 leg loop straps, drainage mesh, type III PFD, USCG approved, and fits children 30-50 lbs with chest 20-25″.

Since our oldest Briana is getting good at swimming and going out further, we wanted to make sure her little sister is protected as she tries to keep up. While we are always right next to her while in the water, it only takes a moment for her to decide she is a big girl like her sister and we feel safer knowing her life vest is there as a back up.

Water safety is so important for families to learn and practice. Anything can happen, so it is important to be prepared so that you and your family can enjoy summers together for years to come.

Once you’ve got the safety covered, head over to Rave Sports to see other ways you can have fun on the water- from their paddle boards to their trampolines and bouncers. Visit ravesports.com for more info.


We received product from Rave Sports to facilitate this feature. All opinions are our own, as always!


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