Sanuk in the City

In a city like New York, even in the sweltering heat, it’s all about style. And when it comes to shoes, many women are willing to sacrifice comfort for style. But we’re all about both! We discovered Sanuk last winter and have been hooked on their #neveruncomfortable hashtag every since. In the cooler seasons, we loved our Katlash shoe in grey. Everywhere we went, we were asked about them! For men, we fell in love with the Highrise. For summer, we knew we wanted to focus on a comfortable and basic flip flop or sandal, but ones that were comfortable and had a bit of style. Also, a cute shoe for running around the city. So, we opted for the Celine in natural, the Yoga Joy Metallic in gold, and a brown/mutli color from the Kats Meow print series. From city sidewalks, to the sand, and everywhere in between, we’re all for Sanuk and being #neveruncomfortable.

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