Brunch with Dr Brown’s

unnamed (11)By: Dalilah Smith-Santos

When my daughter was born there weren’t that many bottle options so I went with the most popular brand at the time. Now that there are SO MANY new bottles, I don’t know how new moms choose.
Well, here’s one more.
A few weeks ago I attended a yummy brunch at Sugar and Plumm where I learned that Dr. Browns has brought something new to the market. Dr. Brown’s Options is the first convertible bottle, as it allows parents to use the bottle with or WITHOUT the vent. While it is recommended that the vent be used until feeding is more developed, as soon as baby can sit up on his/her own you now have the option to remove the vent.
Pretty cool!
Dr. Brown’s Options can be found in Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby now for $17.99 for a 3 pack and should be available everywhere else by August.
We also had the chance to hear from Dr. Hes of Gramercy Pediatrics, she is a Dr. Brown’s mom and had some great feeding tips.

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