Preserving Summer Memories with Dune Jewelry

unnamed (12)We’ve set out to find some of the best ideas for summer; places to travel, summer fashion, must have gear, and we just had a chance to check out an awesome way to preserve this summer’s memories. Dune Jewelry is a company that allows you to create a special piece of jewelry filled with sand from the beach of your choosing. While photos and other souvenirs from the places you visit this summer are fun, we thought this was such a great way to really start a tradition of preserving a memory each summer.

Family memories can be created anywhere- it doesn’t have to be an expensive vacation for the kids to remember the time spent with their loved ones. It’s often the most simple places that we remember and think of when we look back at our summers together. For us, we know that we only have so many weeks to enjoy summer before the kids are back to school, so I try to plan as much as possible. Many outings are free or low cost- living in the Bronx in NYC, we have so much to choose from. There are free events every day and always a new place to explore. While we love to plan weekend getaways throughout the summer, our girls love some of the simple places right here in the five boroughs. One of them being Coney Island.

225045_657604808078_5974821_nMy nine year old has always loved Coney Island. Maybe she can feel the history of it- her dad and I taking the long train ride out from the Bronx when we were younger before we had a car. Some of the first summer photos of her after she was born were taken on the beach at Coney- daddy sitting on the rocks with her and holding her high. Mommy helping her hold her head up to feel the breeze from the ocean. Then meeting our good friends from Brooklyn every Friday night in the summer to watch the fireworks and let her pick a ride or two to go on before we head home. And so, when we were given the chance to create our own pair of earrings from Dune, I knew I just had to get my daughter a pair with sand from Coney Island.

After you choose which piece of jewelry you’d like from Dune, you specify what sand you’d like, or you can supply your own. Dune Jewelry has an extensive sandbank that you can search on their site. They currently have a choice of thousands of sands spanning all 7 continents. Of course, collecting your own sand for your piece can be part of the memory.

unnamed (13)We thought this would be such a great way to preserve a memory each summer. As a mom, I’d love to collect a piece each year of our favorite summer trip or memory and end up with a beautiful collection of jewelry that has sentimental value and I can remember for years to come. There is also a charm bracelet that is a great idea to add a new charm each year and some great ideas for dad too. The possibilities are endless.

unnamed (14)Check out to start creating your own tradition of preserving summer memories.



We received our own set of earrings to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions and thoughts are own own. 

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