New Parking App Makes Life Easier


Here in the Bronx a lot of us drive because parking is a little less insane than in Manhattan- we said a little. But when it comes to planning trips downtown we often decide on taking the train in, or an express bus because of the parking situation. However, with little ones in tow, it’s much easier to just hop in the car and head home after an activity filled day. To make life-and parking-a lot easier, the ParkWhiz app allows you to find and reserve your parking spot before you even jump cross the bridge.

With the app you can:

  • Put ParkWhiz on your phone and grab a guaranteed spot right when you need one
  • Find exclusive mobile only rates
  • Get directions right to your spot
  • See walking distance to your final destination
  • Pull up your pass in the App and drive in
  • One touch call to Customer Service

We thought this was a great app to add to your must have list if you drive here in NYC, so be sure to download to your phone and be ready the next time you’re heading somewhere that parking is going to be a hassle. In the Bronx we might have less of hard time finding parking, but for those appointments or times where you don’t want to spend an hour circling the block, it’s a great way to get in and do what you have to do!

ParkWhiz also has locations in the Bronx, and are continuing to add new garages each week. If you’re a local Bronx garage and want to sign up, you can do so by emailing Eric Rago at, or by visiting





This is a sponsored post, we were given a credit to try out the ParkingWhiz app. Opinions, as always, are our own.


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