2015 PAL Playstreet Bronx Locations

For over 100 years, the Police Athletic League (PAL) has provided safe places to play and learn for thousands of Bronx children through PAL’s Summer Playstreets Program. PAL is launching its 2015 Summer Playstreets in the Bronx on Monday, July 6th. New York City youngsters play traditional sidewalk games, develop their creativity through the arts, and learn from a wide range of educational, recreational and cultural arts specialists.

PAL Safe Street Kickoff 2009/Photo:Uptown Flavor
PAL Safe Street Kickoff 2009/Photo:Uptown Flavor

PAL’s Summer Playstreets Program closes off streets and utilizes other public areas, such as playgrounds and parks, throughout New York City to provide children with safe, supervised places to enjoy outdoor summer activities. Playstreets are open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. through August 21st, and are free to all New York City children. Playstreets offer sports, arts and crafts, games, music and dance. Featured activities include Double Dutch jump rope, Hopscotch, Nok Hockey and basketball. PAL is operating over 40 Playstreets throughout the five boroughs this summer, in addition to offering Cops & Kids teams and close to 20 summer day camps.


July 6 – August 21

Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Playstreet                                            Location


Parque De Los Ninos                           Morrison Avenue & Watson Avenue


WakeField Park                                   E. 240 Street Between Matilda & Carpenter Avenues


182nd Street                                         Between Valentine Avenue & Ryer Avenue


196th Street                                         Between Briggs & Bainbridge Avenues


Victor Street                                        Between Unionport Rd and Mead Street


152nd Street                                         152nd Street & Courtland Avenue (Dead End)


Walton Avenue                                   Between 166th and 167th Streets


St. Paul’s Place                                    Washington Avenue (Dead End)


Monroe Houses                                   Rear of 1780 Story Avenue


Forest Houses                                      Near 735 East 165th Street (On Basketball Court)


Powers Shelter                                    Between 141st and 142nd Streets


Theresa Haven                                    1975 Creston Avenue


University Family Shelter                    1041 University Avenue, Corner of 165th St


Eastchester Heights                            3480 Seymour Avenue (Bet. Boston Rd & Hicks St)

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