Celebrating the Reopening of the Historic HighBridge

unnamed (6)In case you missed the news when we shared Welcome 2 The Bronx post on the reopening of the historic HighBridge: the bridge will be open to everyone once again this upcoming Tuesday, June 9th at 11:30 am.

The Bronx Children’s Museum has been educating the public about this amazing landmark for years, and to celebrate the reopening, they are releasing their first book, The Lowdown on the High Bridge, written by Bronx native and Sesame Street actress Sonia Monzano.

The book will be presented as a gift to 3,300 children, teachers, and librarians in the Highbridge neighborhood before the school year ends. The book will also be available for sale on the Bronx Children’s Museum website beginning July 1st.

The details: On Tuesday, June 9th, the historic High Bridge will once again be open to pedestrians wishing to traverse the 1,200 foot-long bridge which connects the Bronx and Manhattan. This is an historic event for all of New York City, but especially for the residents of the Highbridge and for Bronx Children’s Museum, which has been working tirelessly over the past two years to educate the public about this beautiful landmark. Bronx Children’s Museum Newsletter, June 2015

Here are some fun facts the Bronx Children’s Museum has shared with us:

  • The High Bridge was opened in 1848 as an aqueduct bridge
  • Five of its 15 stone arches were replaced with one steel arch in the 1920’s to accommodate passing ships
  • It has been closed to the public for over forty years
  • On June 9th, residents will once again be able to use the bridge as a means of transportation recreation, and inspiration
For more information, or to participate in the official community celebration to be held on July 25th, visit www.thehighbridge.org

For more information on the Bronx Children’s Museum, visit www.bronxchildrensmuseum.org

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