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10320256_10100670708646838_3714037457933593757_nEvery year Momtrends hosts an annual Travel Trends event with local NYC bloggers. Momtrends founder Nicole Feliciano traveled the world with her husband before they had children, and now enjoys traveling with her family. Nicole prefers travel over other luxuries, and we love the idea of giving children experiences verses material things. This year’s event was fun and informal as usual, and we even had a chance to ask Nicole some questions about family travel.

We know that many families are on a budget and trying to plan for a family vacation each year can seem impossible. We asked Nicole a few insider tips on family travel. Here’s what she had to say:

unnamed (17)Bronxmama: For a family on a budget, what are some ways to save up for a family trip each year?
Nicole Feliciano: We save up all our reward miles points from the year to score free airfare or hotel rooms. All the business travel I do compensates for the summer fun trips.
Bronxmama: Any tips on best times to book vacations or ways to find good deals?
Nicole: If your kids are little and missing school isn’t a big deal, mid-week trips are ideal. We got a great package at Disney in mid October when all the “big kids” were in school. For ski vacations, the last week of March is great because most schools have already had a break.
Bronxmama: Tips on experiencing both the tourist locations and local spots when visiting a new place?
Nicole: Leave some gaps in your itinerary. We map out some of the big spots we want to see and then wait to get to the location to get local recommendations.  I also crowdsource from my friends on Facebook and twitter before I leave on a big trip.
These are some great tips from Nicole and we hope they give you some of your own ideas. Another great idea to save up for a trip is to use the money you save from giving up a habit you’ve been meaning to give up, like that daily coffee you buy (bring your own from home instead), or those who are trying to quit smoking. Even cooking at home verses eating out can help. You and your family can create a jar and label it with the place you want to visit. Kids can even decide to donate some of their allowance to the fund if they’d like!

Now, let’s breakdown the brands who were present at our evening of Travel-


Murals Wallpaper: The backdrop of many of our photos of the night was an awesome wall mural map of the world by Murals Wallpaper. What a great way to talk about the world with your family and show your children where you live and where you plan to go. Whether you place it in the living room or the playroom, there are styles of maps and so many other awesome backdrops.
unnamed (20)XO, by G: Even with children, for us, vacation always includes a nice drink to go with the destination. These great little cups of wine are perfect when you’re on the go.
Sprout: If you’re going to splurge, why not do it on something like the awesome bear print tent from Sprout-which promotes imagination and love of travel?
Land of Nod: What adorable sleeping bag options and even a faux smores station from Land of Nod.
Guardian: One of the biggest topics that come up when it comes to outdoors and travel among moms is bug repellent. Guardian offers a plant based, non toxic alternative to deet.
Bark Thins: These proved to be a great snack to throw in your bag for on the go.
Baby Bjorn: Offering many great options for traveling with baby, including a travel crib!
unnamed (16)Miracle Suit: Don’t avoid a beach vacation just because you’re not swimsuit ready! Miracle Suit can help hide those imperfections and make you feel confident running in the sand with your little ones. Yes, they have some great cover ups too.
ZzzQuil: The makers of Vicks and Nyquil are now here to help you sleep also for that occasional sleeplessness.
GlamSquad: While they don’t travel to the Bronx yet, we still love the idea of GlamSquad- a beauty service that comes to you. Check them out!
Yamis and Dawni: 8 pieces that form 50 different looks. This is truly stylish clothing meant to travel in.
OiOi showed off some great bags that are great for traveling families with little ones in tow.

Even if you aren’t able to leave the country this year, there are still lots of ways to explore and travel with your family. You can always check out our Local Getaways section for family friendly places to visit and explore that are within driving distance of the Bronx. If you have any family travel tips to share with fellow readers, please leave a comment and share!
Learn more about the Momtrends Travel event and the sponsors here. 


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