Recap: Top Picks from #TTPM

By Michelle Lucille

I had the pleasure of attending the  2015 TTPM Spring Showcase.

There were so many great toys from companies such as Hasbro, Mattel, m-cro, Lego, and ThinkWay Toys. What made this years showcase extra special was they included toys for our four legged fur kids! Some of the companies showing us awesome pet toys were Fetch, Petmate and Quaker Pet Group. Below I will tell you all about my personal top 10 favorite toys shown during the showcase.

Number 10: 

Kidzoom Action Cam
I love this idea! I have a Go-Pro that I use constantly. This camera is pretty much the kids version, Making it a perfect first camera for kids. It can take time lapse photos, videos and kids can even play games. Also includes mounts and a waterproof case. Retails at $59.99 and is for ages 4+

Number 9:

Play Tents
Tent & Tunnel Combo 
These were great because they were easy set up and had waterproof polyethylene floors so you can avoid a mess when placing them in the grass. The tents are also larger then competitors tents. I, being a 5’7″ adult was able to fit in with plenty of room for at least 2 kids

Number 8:

Think Way toys
Buzz and Woody 
This year is the 20th anniversary of Toy Story; WOW that makes me feel old! With the anniversary Think Way Toys is releasing the classic Talking action figures from the movies! Just looking at these toys made me feel like such a kid again! Retail is $44.99 and for Ages 4+

Number 7:

Okay to Wake
Teach Me time clocks 
These clocks are a fantastic way of teach young ones to stay in bed until it is time to wake up. You simply set the time you want your kids to wake up and when they tap the button if they are supposed to wake up it will turn green letting them know it is Okay to wake! Great for kids who are still too young to tell time.
Ages 3+

Number 6:

Chew Guard Toys
My Dog LOVES his toys and treats them as if they were his babies. His friends on the other hand like to come over and DESTROY his toys. He always get to upset when he finds the carcasses of his toys strewn across the house when his friends depart. These toys are made with chew guard technology making it nearly impossible for the dogs to destroy. they are also super soft and look fantastic. Whats better is they offer a 30 day guarantee so if your dog somehow manages to destroy it within the 30 days they will send you another toy free of charge!

Number 5:

Kforce Build and Blast
You probably played with K’Nex at some point in your life and now your kids can too. Not only can they build regular k”Nex, now they can build blasters that actually work and fire foam darts! They range in price from $14.99-44.99 and are for ages 8+

Number 4:

Micro Mini 3IN1
This product was great because it is for kids from the age of 1 until the age of 5. It transforms into three different stages. Retail Price is 114.99 which is a fantastic price considering its made to grow with your child!

Number 3:

Hot Wheels Star Wars Starship Death Star Play case
It is no secret that I absolutely LOVE anything and everything Star Wars but as a kid I also LOVED Hot Wheels cars. This toy gives you the best of both world while also acting as a way to store and bring your child’s hot wheels with them.. It retails at $19.99 and is for ages 4+

Number 2:

Chuck it Max Glow Pro Launcher
I absolutely love the idea of this dog toy. I frequently am losing toys for my dog while playing at the dog park with the my dog. This toy is glow in the dark so I can always find it in a dark dog run or yard. Plus no more picking up slimy balls!
Retails at $19.99

Number 1:

Star Wars Paper craft
The Paper craft toys are great because it allows kids to get creative and physically put their own toys together. They are also super lightweight and can easily be transported once built in bubble wrap.  My favorite of the sets was the Star Wars but they also offer sets for TMNT, Marvel, and more. Retail is $4.99-$24.99 and is for children ages 6+
Photos from TTPM:
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