Free Stop ‘N’ Swap Community Reuse Event in Westchester Square


In partnership with the Westchester Square BID, GrowNYC celebrates Earth Month with its 100th Stop ‘N’ Swap community reuse event at Westchester Square.  GrowNYC, a non-profit organization working to improve NYC’s quality of life, invites the public to bring portable, reusable items to share or simply come see what is free for the taking.

Stop ‘N’ Swaps have developed a regular following among thrifty and environmentally conscious New Yorkers.  In response to increasing demand for the events, GrowNYC has set a goal of hosting one Stop ‘N’ Swap in each of the city’s 59 community districts each year. “We see tremendous growth every year at Bronx Stop ‘N’ Swaps. In fact, attendance at the Westchester Square swap has doubled since 2012, and items swapped has increased by 29% throughout the borough.  We look forward to seeing familiar faces at the event, as well as seeing the joy of first-timers seeing their goods go to new homes, or taking home useful items at no cost,” said David Hurd, the Director of GrowNYC’s Office of Recycling Outreach and Education.


How It Works: Stop ‘N’ Swaps invite the public to bring clean, portable, reusable items to share with those who can use them. No one is required to bring something to take something—you can simply show up with a bag and see what’s free for the taking. Books, toys, fashionable clothing, housewares and electronics are just some of the offerings.  Anything leftover at the end of the day is donated or recycled. Furniture and other large items are not accepted at the swap.


“Stop ‘N’ Swaps are a resource for all New Yorkers. Residents come out in large numbers to give away what they don’t need and find some really useful items for themselves, all without paying. And we are keeping perfectly good items out of the landfill, which is where so many things unfortunately end up,” said GrowNYC Executive Director Marcel Van Ooyen. “The added benefit is neighbor meeting neighbor, and a community being strengthened.”


WHAT: Free Stop ‘N’ Swap Community Reuse Event

WHEN: Saturday, April 25, 12pm3pm

WHERE: Westchester Square – 2551 Westchester Ave, Bronx, NY 10461


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