Band-Aid & NeoSporin Encourage Play #PlayOn

_DSC0074By: Michelle Lucille

If you have kids then you know first hand that injuries happen. In my family when scrapes and cuts happen the first thing I do is head for a band-aid and Neosporin. Two very trusted and commonly used things in my household. The band-aid brand has been  a staple in my family for decades. As a mom of a very curious toddler who is learning to walk I have very quickly learned that Neosporin to go spray is my new best friend.

At a band-aid event I attended I got to meet with band-aid representatives and learn first hand about their products. A new product that I am absolutely “nerding” out about is their new line of Star Wars band-aids, that’s right I said STAR WARS. I was given a box to sample and lets just say that I am planning on stocking up! Another really cool thing Band-aid is offering is if you buy any three of their first aid products you will get a really cool first aid bag that you can use to make and personalize your first aid kit. I know I keep mine in my sons diaper bag filled with band-aids, Neosporin, medical tape, waterproof band aids, blister band-aids and some gauze. I am quite accident prone and over the weekend while exploring in the middle of the forest I put my kit to good use on more than one occasion.

At the event we got to speak with celebrity mom Tamera Mowry and she told us all about how she keeps a first aid kit with her at all times. She also told us about how in her family she makes sure to have lots of play time, another thing that band-aid is urging parents to do. It is important to integrate play into your children’s lives whether it be board games, creative play games, or just old fashion playing out side. In this day in age play is something that is rare and needs to be more frequented . I know in my family we have an hour of family time every night and board game nights once a week. Now that its starting to get warm I am excited to be able to go to the park and play outside! What do you do with your family for fun? Let us know by using the hash-tag #playon

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