On the Bright Side with Colgate Optic White

maxresdefaultI’m an iced coffee person. So unless it is absolutely freezing in the dead of winter, you will usually find me ordering an iced latte. Then, this past winter happened. And I was drinking more hot coffee than ever before- which meant I wasn’t using a straw like I do with iced coffee. With everyone walking around with whitened teeth and shiny veneers, it made me especially nervous about my teeth becoming stained over the long winter hot-coffee-drinking months.

So! I decided I would try out Colgate’s Optic White line of products when I was offered to review a sample. Their latest toothpaste, Colgate Optic White Express White toothpaste, claimed to give users whiter teeth in just three days! I figured it was worth a shot.

unnamed (18)The Results: I’ve switched the family over to Optic White because I really do love the toothpaste! I have definitely noticed a different in shades- but also I really love how sparkly and smooth my teeth feel after brushing.


I also love the new Optic White Platinum toothbrush to use along with the toothpaste.

The toothbrush features:

Stain Erasing Cups

Work with your toothpaste to help effectively remove surface stains for a naturally whiter smile.

Polishing Spiral Bristles

Help whiten teeth by polishing away surface stains and clean hard to reach areas.

Cheek and Tongue Cleaner

Comfortably removes odor-causing bacteria.


There is also a mouth wash that I have heard great things about, but have yet to try- will keep you posted!

For more information about the Colgate Optic line, check out their Faq page here.

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