Legoland Discovery Center Adds New City Builders Feature

unnamed (8)Earlier this week we had the chance to check out the latest feature at Legoland Discovery Center in Westchester- the City Builder attraction. If you’re anything like us, in the past when walking through Miniland you’ve had to avoid the urge to jump in and play- or at least your kids have. Now with the City Builders attraction, kids have the opportunity to add to the existing city with their own creations!

The new town is called Heartlake City- complete with an apartment building, fashion school, cafe, police station, and more. The pre-made parts of the town are already constructed and glued down to a large table-like structure with bins of Legos on the corners, giving visitors the chance to add their own structures to the town. There are also Build Challenges on the walls in the room to make the visit fun.

Be sure to check out the new addition to Westchester’s Legoland Discovery Center during your next visit. Located only around 20 minutes from the Bronx, it’s definitely worth the trip!

For more information about City Builders and other LDC fun, check out


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